This season was pretty good, better than the last I would say and it's because of a combination of things. I think what brought the first season down was its establishment of the whole cast having only been done in a very short season (10 episodes is usually the shortest for a single season) therefore making it hard for the writers to really play with the characters as much as would be necessary to have a complete kind of development with each character. I know that isn't the show for this but the point still stands, considering the fact that this show has pretty good characters to start. Anyways, back to the actual point. Because this kind of thing would have slowed the first season down a little, the second season does the opposite and because all of the characters are established already the writers get to play with the development of them and their dynamic with Kazuma more than they got to in the last season. What this does achieve is some pretty comedic moments between one of the three main girls in the party interacting with Kazuma, not only being comedic but also kind of cute in a way. Especially because all of them rely on him in some way or other.
Despite this, I think that this show has the potential to turn into a fully fledged harem anime, which I don't think it would (if it got more seasons). My reasoning for that is just how some of the characters latched on to the main character and stuff like that, but I think this is a very minor concern and probably more of an observation than anything. The examples that I have in mind are the constant pokes at Darkness and Kazuma's 'relationship' throughout the series, which of course was done because of the comedy of it, but yeah I guess that's something. In spite of this, I did enjoy that Darkness and Aqua got to have their time in the limelight with their 'arcs' I guess you could call it allowing for them to be developed a little more in terms of both the character and the comedy. I know I'm talking about this as if it were an adventure anime, but I guess that's just because of how well the characters were realised, being evidence of how seriously this show can fit in the adventure genre although it would be a bit brash to lump them in with more seriously toned shows.
First and foremost, this is a comedy show. It did make me laugh quite a few times and I guess it has fulfilled its purpose. But, because of the fact that I did get attached to both the characters and their gags is evidence of how it has gone just that little bit further than just normal gag comedy does for the audience and for that I do give it props. Although they essentially play on the same joke many times, how they do it is a little bit unique each time maturing the joke a little bit each time (although the show itself isn't that mature lmao).
Speaking of it being a comedy anime first, I think it is appropriate to talk about the 'story' of KonoSuba. I know many people complain about there not being really any progression to the story and how Kazuma is going to defeat the Devil King. But if you think about it, how the hell are they going to develop that over 20 episodes without it feeling both rushed and kind of stupid. Like sure, something like The Devil is a Part-Timer both does a good job at developing a comedic premise with some action-y parts, but that's real different since they don't necessarily have to even establish the setting since it's just the modern world - being easier to develop since the main characters are unfamiliar with the setting but the audience isn't which makes it simple to easily fit in gags and make it funny for the audience in how the characters react to things in our world with their perspective. With KonoSuba however, they do have to establish how the fantasy world works and I do appreciate them for actually world-building and not just letting the world fade into the background. It allows this show to again, be more than just some silly gag show. It does seem like I am giving this point high praise, but it's more of an offhanded appreciative comment I guess since it doesn't do so masterfully but it is worth a mention. (Also considering the fact that this anime is so short on a per season basis I wouldn't expect a massive amount of world building anyways). Examples that come to mind for this is the last 'arc' where they meet all of the members of the Axis religion where the show not only had the opportunity to play with Aqua's character and her god complex, but also had the chance to world build, essentially killing two birds with one stone. It is true that this 'arc' was pretty rushed, with it even fitting in a Demon King commander in there but what can you do ¯_(ツ)_/¯.
Speaking of the commanders, I especially liked how the show never really forgot that the purpose of Kazuma and Aqua forming the party and doing quests is to defeat the Demon King. Although the show displays Kazuma's distaste for his obligatory quest to defeat this big boss, simply the fact that the show itself acknowledges that the party's end goal is to essentially slay the Demon King is quite remarkable considering most shows just forget what they're doing in the first place a lot of the time, leading to the show kind of meandering about. That is not saying that this show doesn't do that but, because it is a comedy anime I think I can excuse that. Moreover, this anime shows the defeat of two major bosses and gives a sense of progression with Kazuma gaining new gear, so the show doesn't forget that it does need to move forward although it is a bit crammed in there (again, because of the 10 episodes tiny season).
Anyways, on to the art. I actually really liked the art this time around, it was not only familiar but did seem to be a lot more smoother and organic than the last season and I really appreciate that since it does help enhance the delivery of some of the jokes when the characters are interacting with each other. It also helps to establish the light tone of the show in general, both presenting that in its writing as well as its art therefore correctly establishing its soft overall tone which the show benefits from. Basically, the improved art helps make the show as a whole more expressive in its animation and as a result the jokes and physical kinds of punchlines are made more expressive and as a result the comedy of this comedy show is a lot better because of that.
Just a small mention also is the fact that the show's OP is real good since it's really expressive and stuff yeah + it's just catch music so yeah. Probably better than the last season as well since the animation is a lot more bubbly I guess.
Overall, since this season has more to offer than the last I would have to rate it a solid 7/10, since where the last season was kind of lacking in this season made up for although it was kind of rushed so the show is weakened for that. But I will be looking forward to the season three of KonoSuba, if that does come to the light. See ya then.

76 /100
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