This first episode feels like kind of a rush, it shoves the audience right into the plot and the characters with no establishment, which is kind of bad for this kind of show with no new student or anything to guide the audience. Instead, what is there to guide the audience is the presumed focus of the entire series - the short-term (week) memory of Fujimiya. I think that's what this first episode strives to hook the audience with, their unique hook and I can understand why they would disregard trying to fully establish the characters as well as the kind of lives that they live. At a glance I can tell what they would probably be like but yeah, I think for shows like this they need to establish their characters soon or else the show just becomes incredibly boring. This anime does have potential to do that, in the interactions between the two main characters and I hope that it pulls through because of how seemingly interesting the plot is right now.

There are a lot of things that went wrong in this series, from the cohesiveness to the shot composition as well as how they conveyed the plot to the audience. As an audience member I felt as though this show was treating me as if I had to have everything in front of my face to know what was going on or what was going to happen, since they had to have it go through the dense minds of the characters. I felt like it was extremely predictable to know what was going to happen and to have it drag on with the confusion of the oblivious main character Hase was exhausting. This show did show promise (kind of) with how it presented the plot in the first few episodes, although that was lost quickly when everything started to jump around and conflict started happening even though the characters weren't even developed that well to make the audience care as much as the show wanted them to. This lack of cohesiveness worked its way into the individual scenes of the show with some of the shots being really hard to follow and just making it seem pretty messy (the beach episode is an example of this). The art itself was fine and so was most of the music so yeah that's not worth mentioning I guess.
The biggest problem was the characterization in the show, with the anime speeding in with the conflict as opposed to building their characters so that the problems would actually have some impact. I ended up not caring most of the time when conflict came up since it did so very abruptly. On that note, the tone of the show was inconsistent with it switching from slice of life to melodrama to romance between halves, which made it even more exhausting to watch. The ending also didn't feel as satisfying as it seemed to be and I felt barely any accomplishment from completing this series. I saw the potential but it didn't deliver sadly, so many arcs were pretty unnecessary, which hurts this anime drastically since it is only 12 episodes. Anyways, yeah it's probably just average.

50 /100
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