The cute girls genre recieves a fantastic addition with Comic Girls an anime I definitely didnt expect to be as good as it ended up being. This story is focused on a group of girls who love manga and either draw one professionally or are trying to get a series published. This proves to be difficult for our lovable protagonist Kaos who honestly is just awful at it and goes to live in a dormitory for female manga artists where she meets the other main characters of the series hopefully getting inspiration from them. Comic Girls uses the setting really well to provide a fantastic comedy both via the characters and the use of the manga elements. This anime doesnt focus on the profession like series as Bakuman or Shirobako do but its still quite informative and most importantly succeeds at using it for the comedic value it wants. There are four main characters in this story: our protagonist Kaoruko Moeta penname Kaos who is an absurdly likeable and quite relatable girl who seems to be in constant state of panic but is also a hard worker that you will want to adopt and protect Tsubasa a tomboyish girl who draws shounen manga and puts herself really seriously in the mind of the characters she creates Ruki who loves drawing cute things but ended up discovering her true skills at drawing lewd stuff instead to her embarassment and Koyume a cheerful shoujo manga artist and doughnut devourer who cant draw guys. Their personalities balance well and make for a lot of entertaining situations and together with fantastic and also quite touching at times episodes focused on each character I ended up very attached to them. The number of secondary characters is pretty short but they do well when they appear and add to the fun that comes from this anime. The art style and character designs of the series are very visually appealing with lots of nice character reactions and well done use of the camera angles studio Nexus hasnt done many things yet but I would be totally in for them doing more series in the future because they never fail to deliver in terms of quality. The music on the other side is nothing memorable but fits well for the tone of the scenes the opening and ending themes are two good songs by the VAs of the four protagonists with the later having some really nice transitions into it at the end of some episodes. Comic Girls is a fantastic series I enjoyed a lot and I really recommend to watch to any fan of the cute girls genre or for anyone looking for a comedy series to watch because this one delivers hard.
90 /100
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