We all know electricity can be an elemental awesomeness. Its powerful its shocking and it sparks with brilliance. What better ways to describe Railgun than with all those words? This is the energized spinoff that does everything better than Index. Switch on the power. Were going to let all these cheerful cuteness and electrifying excitement flow through the circuit. As opposed to Indexs focus on magic Railgun places an innovative emphasis on science. The kind of science thats not really science but more like conceptual science granting a magical and mysterious vibe. Structured from serious followed by episodes of lightheartedness the story is able to flow more seamlessly rather than jumping from arc to arc in a confused mess. Having episodics and serious arcs may be a weird structure at first glance but theres an advantageous side to this. Delving into the everyday lives of four girls unlocks investment giving way for us to care and worry about the characters when they deal with the nasty sides of science. Their outward appearance may say entertainingly cute yet they hold a deeper persona than mere adorableness. Through a multifaceted perspective thoughtful themes and ideas from morality to guilt and innocence of victims are explored with intrigue. None of the characters are the same. Their power and background differs and this creates various developmental focus notably Saten who feels like a useless underdog along with the competent tsundere by the name of Misaka. Despite their differences its clear that in the end their friendship is something meaningful. Side characters are also given focus so we can understand them further but not necessarily for development. The most negative part I find throughout is the comedy. Many of them are recycled sometimes appearing at the wrong times and stunning the mood quite awkwardly. Academy City while technologically ahead of its time is a city that looks very similar to our first world cities. Regardless a futuristic setting can still be felt with its blue tinges and subtle glints reinforced by a number of techs surrounding the metropolis. And among the buildings of this city is a world full of espers situated in a life of daily activities or energetically charged with hidden secrets as they fight and protect. Sending a rush of rapid excitement fight scenes can power up to overflowing exhilaration in a matter of light speed. The slick animation helps in achieving that as flowing smoothness makes up for an engaging action. But theres no denying the sound effects of powerful electricity and other abilities amplify it even more. Everyday episodes have consistent animation entertaining me with character expressions that show their personality and humor. Its like two sides of the same coin. I could describe the atmosphere as a fierce adorableness because of the seamless switch from bubbliness to graveness. The seiyuus allow both spectrum to be expressed. The reminders of a CGDCT is felt with their cheery voices. Then the hype of a battle Shounen takes over when their voices turn to serious determination. An assemble of varying soundtracks also supplement with these transitions fabricating all kinds of mood. While bland at times the more calming to the reverberating tracks pin the mood in place so they serve reasonably well. On a more kickass note the opening songs have electrifyingly cool beats that really gets me going and the ending songs are just as great. All in all Railgun is the improved addition needed for the Toaru series. Similarities executed differently Index shortcircuited its ideas while Railgun maintained its flow of chargedup ideas with consistency. Truly a certain awesome plasma.
81 /100
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