Importing my old MAL review March 10 2017 STORY: Brave 10 is more concerned with looking cool than telling a decent story. I understand this is derived from a manga franchise but as a standalone its lacking. First I dont connect to any of the characters because they are so flat. Saizou is the typical angsty loner archetype while Isanami is the perky clingy priestess girl. Cool. Lets actually build on that and not leave them flatter than a steamrolled pancake. I will give some slack because its probably hard to convey characters well in twelve episodes. The episodes play out a bit like the monsteroftheweek format but theres some decent plot development toward the end of the 12episode run. Still I find myself often asking why is this person fighting that person? Also I did like the actual significance of the Brave 10 a lot. It would have been too easy to assign clich roles to the characters. Ah but darkness is not who you think it is. wink CHARACTERS: The way this show goes about introducing characters leaves a bit to be desired. Our main character Saizou is an exninja who is afraid to fight for someone. The ninja world has left him jaded so hes something like a ronin. He was okay but not much beyond cool and a bit hotheaded. Isanami is bland very bland like delicious syrup on hotdog bread instead of french toast. Shes like a shoujo lead because she gets kidnapped a lot loves the first boy she sees and wishes her breast were bigger. For some reason even though there is no real development I like her and Saizou together. Sometimes I like clich love. Still I never felt a sense of urgency for her troubles. Yukimura I did not really get. Theres more to him than what meets the eyes but I just did not really care. Hes a great leader fighter and an allaround funny guy. Benmaru is a grating brat. Take your firebombs and go home kid Anatasia who is super busty strictly for fanservice reasons is one of the most interesting characters. Her backstory is overthetop but she was somewhat cool. If there had been more episodes I would have like to see more of her story instead of it being condensed in flashbacks. Kamanosuke is annoying but very much wants to be loved. I liked Sasuke a lot. He is shy a forest boy and an animallover. A little cinnamonroll Jinpachi I know too little about. He likes alcohol and women and hes got some nice dreads. Pretty handsome for a pirate ART: The animation is so fluid that there arent any wacky inbetween shots. The fight scenes are cool but uncomfortably short and erratic. The characters designs are not to my liking but the art style is great. I wish some of the color schemes were more imaginative. I think the characters could have undergone one more draft to finetune the designs. Still Im not complaining because I like Brave 10s art. SOUND: Japanese Dub Isanamis voice is annoying. The End. OVERALL: SCORE: 5/10 50 Neutral Face : Did I like watching this show? Yeah I did But I had some disappointment such as how anticlimactic the final showdown was. I wasnt familiar with Brave 10 before this so that might have left me a bit biased. If you can put up with SAIZOU an infinite amount of times and a story focused more on visuals than plot then this show is for you
50 /100
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