Spoilerfree review Review in brief: Though Pokmon: The Origin is decidedly too short for its own good it still manages to tell a concise and entertaining tale that doesnt require the viewer to have prior experience with the franchise to enjoy though I would imagine that it helps. As someone outside the fandom I would feel comfortable suggesting it to a general audience given the lack of commitment needed to partake. Review in full: Again the most noticeable thing about this anime is how short it is. Having at least 6 episodes instead of just 4 would have done it wonders though at the same time its shorter runtime makes it easier to watch in one sitting. Regardless while it couldve used its time a little more efficiently it still used it well. Instead of showing the entire journey it takes a number of key portions in that journey and takes some time to flesh them out which actually makes it feel more whole. While serious Pokmon fans might berate it for taking this approach Id say that for something this short it wouldve been a bad thing for it to have tried to show the entire journey. Sure we dont see most of the 150odd Pokmon that Red sets out to catch or all of the gym battles and so forth but we do get to see enough of these things to know that theyre being done and what it looks like. 600 Pokmon: The Origin shows Pokmon fighting just long enough to leave PETA members appalled. For people familiar with the game it allows the show to go deep enough to tap into their nostalgia while for those of us who never played Pokmon it offers an idea of what it feels like to be engrossed in the game without stagnating itself on the seemingly repetitive side of things where you throw balls at monsters and then train them into allpowerful fighters to throw at more monsters for hours on end. Thats not to say its a flawless approach either. It still doesnt leave much time for most characters to develop or flesh out and of course its harder to get invested in a story thats only halfshown. Still at the end of the day the journey itself was preserved through its highlights. The production values were not exactly memorable yet did their job proficiently. Animationwise Pokmon: The Origin does offer rather appealing visuals though not breathtaking without making it difficult to see the world it draws up as the game it represents. The music sound do their jobs well enough. If they offered anything nostalgic I was not in the position to pick up on it. Verdict: Pokmon: The Origin couldve gone from good to great with more time to develop but it managed to use its short time well enough to at least be enjoyable. Its a decent watch if youre thinking about checking out Pokmon but dont want to sink too much time into a game or different anime.
69 /100
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