I have had the hardest time coming up with writing down articulate thoughts on the subject of Shinsekai Yori. Intrinsically its a difficult show to review in an unbiased manner. Either it blew you away with its world building intrigue intensity and suspense or it bored you to death in the first act and you couldnt get back into it. Its a shame if people actually feel like the latter because I believe that that setup is so necessary to make acts 2 and 3 hit you so much harder. Obviously I reside in the camp of the former and Ill tell you why. WARNING: I tried to avoid spoiling anything in the following paragraphs but I probably slipped up somewhere so tread lightly if youre worried about spoilers. Shinsekai Yori is one of the best if not the best show at tackling foreshadowing. Most of the time its done in a way so obvious that its almost painful. The brilliance of Shinsekai Yori is that it is so obvious. I mean it tells you basically the entire plot in the first 47 episodes but does it in such a way that you never connect the dots until later. It does this so cleverly by disguising their foreshadowing as plot exposition diverting your attention so smartly. Something else that Shinsekai Yori does masterfully is the time skips that occur throughout the story. There are 3 distinct acts in total of which the later two are time skips the first being two years and the second being twelve. The first skip is done more smoothly than the second but that can be expected since theres a lot less time to fill in with either exposition or inference. The way that theyre handled within the story is so well done that you barely even recognize that theres a sudden gap in time. Usually thatd be a bad thing but in such an information heavy work its somewhat helpful to not be bogged down with irrelevant issues. As an aside the first ending Wareta Ringo is among the best songs Ive ever heard. In fact the entire soundtrack is incredible. Perhaps the greatest feat of Shinsekai Yori however is its skill at showing and rarely telling. There are many instances of this happening throughout the show where something happens and sometimes youre never told youre just supposed to have gathered that it has happened. And like I said with the time skips usually that would be a negative but in the case of Shinsekai Yori its absolutely perfect for the mood of the show. After all its a show about intrigue growing up and moral grayness. Probably the only negative that Ive really seen regarding Shinsekai Yori is how dull it is to get into. And thats a somewhat fair argument if you arent really interested in the world building taking place. For me I was absolutely engrossed in the world from episode one but I understand that thats not how it works for everyone in which case this is not the show for you. You have to be prepared to not see much action but rather a lot of puzzle pieces to fit together. Im not going to touch on the moral questions that Shinsekai Yori raises since Id have to delve deep into spoiler territory to discuss so let it be said that by the end you wont know whos right. One thing I will say is that Shinsekai Yori does a fantastic job at constantly changing who you perceive as the villain of the story youll notice that the people who you thought were evil at first are not really searching or doing anything that different from Saki and her friends. Shinsekai Yori weaves a wonderful narrative throughout twentyfive episode keeping you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Anyone who appreciates philosophical mysterious thrilling and coming of age stories will love Shinsekai Yori and perhaps even if you dont like any of those things you can still appreciate the greatness of Shinsekai Yori.
95 /100
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