Welcome to one of the most generic animes I've ever seen. It could have been a Barbie film and I wouldn't be as disappointed as I am right now.

[Sorry for my bad english! It's just my opinion of this anime and I guess this is one of the opinions not everyone really supports, but if this was an anime which made you happy, then that's fine! For me, it wasn't.]

First of all, let's get to the good points of this anime.

  • beautiful art and animation (between photos of cute stones, cherry blossom trees and night star skies and Teresa's cute design with her beautiful eyes everything seemed really great and I couldn't complain about the art at all. I'm a simple person. If I see a cute anime girl, then I like it.)
  • catchy opening (I really liked the opening and the catchy music! I didn't really pay attention to the soundtracks, maybe because it did fit these situations and I could just... feel it, you know?)
  • realistic characters (of course, there are some exceptions, but hey... it's still an anime and I accept it. I really liked Tada's personality though. He's one of the few male main characters I really like because he seemed really realistic. Teresa is just a sweetheart and a good person, I couldn't complain about that. Alec... well... I liked her. I really liked her but... we didn't really see anything from her besides her protecting Teresa and almost hurting Ijuuin for his comments. It kinda disappointed me because I wanted to know WHY actually she was friends with Teresa. Did she have connections with her family? (Not sure if this was in the anime or not.. maybe I forgot? Or they explained in the manga? Not sure about that fact.))

Now let's get to the last minute of the anime, which disappointed me... so so hard.

I get it that this is a romance comedy anime. I get it that in the most of these romantic animes the protagonists have to get together and everyone is happy about that. But this time, I wasn't happy about this pairing at all.
I actually love cheesy romance stories and if Teresa wasn't a freaking princess in another country, I really would have loved this pairing. They match each other good because of his quiet personality and her sweet and outgoing personality, but... I just... can't...
You get me? She's a princess in another country. She has to become a queen when she's getting eighteen years old. This was decided when she was born and it also was decided that she had to marry Charles.
It was planned for seventeen years but just because she spent one year in another country, she dropped all these plans (well... actually Charles dropped them but just because he noticed her love for him) and just moved to Japan, because... what? A boy?

Don't get me wrong. It was actually not really surprising because we kinda knew something like this would happen after we heard that Teresa's a princess. But I had so many expectations for this anime that I just HOPED it wouldn't end this way.
It would have been such a realistic and GOOD anime, that I would have been moved to tears. Reality isn't that easy and you can't always claim these good things just because you want to.
Even Pin-senpai said it after he didn't get into his favourite school and Tada agreed. But why? Why did you have to ruin such a good ending just because it's more romantic? And force that "plot-twist" in the last minute of the episode?

I know that a forced marriage isn't really a "happy" ending, but damn... it would have been such a good and realistic ending. Because that is just what happens when you're a princess. You have to think about your country first and not because "her poor heart couldn't take it." I'm sorry, Teresa. I know you're a good girl and I really wanted you to be happy, but that ending just ruined the anime for me. I really regret watching the last minute of the last episode.

I mean it didn't even tell me what happened after they shared a kiss at the end. Did she really move to Japan? Did she just left her country even though her father told her she's the only daughter he has and she HAS to become a queen? Or is she just taking a normal guy to Luxemburg who suddenly becomes a prince? I expect these endings to happen when I'm watching Disney movies. (Or maybe it's explained in the manga? I don't know.)

But anyway... this was it. I know this isn't an opinion for everyone, but I just really wanted to say it. Maybe there are some people who share my opinion.

Thanks for reading! ♥

50 /100
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