So I just finished this show and let me tell you--it was a fun ride. Initially I wrote the show off to be another Sword Art Online piece of cliche garbage, but when I grudgingly watched the first episode I found myself entertained beyond my belief. The show starts off ridiculously and honestly ends ridiculously, but throughout the entirety of it I had fun. So getting that off my chest I'll jump right into it the review.

Story: 85/100
The show didn't try to be too deep, and to be honest it shouldn't be. It's supposed to be fun, and I think that really came across well. Another huge thing in its favor was that one doesn't have to have watched Sword Art Online to watch this show. There are a few mentions of it and some easter eggs here and there, but nothing that would take away from someone who hadn't seen SAO.

Art: 80/100
Not much to say here, but the art was decent enough for the show and the action shots were done well enough that no blaring mistakes were evident. I did notice some CGI in the last few episodes, which was a little irritating, but overall pretty good.

Sound: 90/100
I absolutely loved this show's sound effects and OST. The insert songs were nice and were a nice change of pace, and the ED was absolutely amazing. The OP was a little underwhelming, but not bad, and the normal action scene soundtracks were engaging enough. Not really much to say here, except for crediting Kusunoki Tomori with that amazing ED.

Characters: 80/100
The characters were well done in this show. They didn't try to make any of the characters particularly deep or really have any huge character development, but they were still funny characters. To me, the really only stand out characters were LLENN and Pitou with their small but meaningful character progression, and I thought that that was good enough for the show.

Enjoyment: 95/100
As I mentioned earlier, I had a blast watching this show, and surprisingly with all the other big shows coming out this season, I enjoyed this the most out of all of them. The fights were serious yet really funny, and the cuts back to Karen in the real world were to me the most enjoyable moments in the show. I can't really place my finger on why I enjoyed this show so much, but maybe it was the pink loli killing grown men with a p-90, maybe it was the ridiculousness of Karen's height difference when she was LLENN, or the amazons, or countless other things I made me love every minute of this show.

Overall: 90/100
As I have stated above, this show was really fun to watch for so many reasons, and I think was just what I need to watch at that time--A light hearted show that isn't moe or a typical comedy. I hope that this review encourages all of you guys to watch this show and to not think too hard about it and just enjoy it for what it is: A pink loli slaughtering people in the cruelest ways imaginable.

90 /100
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