My Basic Thoughts: We all know this much its the sequel of Tokyo Ghoul taking place a couple years after the first series. Starting from Chapter 1 it had a very strong start with the introduction of the Qs and Haise as main characters. This strong and intellectual writing continued throughout until it got about halfway where a very noticeable drop in quality was taken. My Complaints: Haises character became confusing whilst not having very much sense in the backstory shouldve acted extremely different because of what he had experienced. The decisions he made and what he was saying did not align with who he was as a character which made me really dislike him as a character around chapter 70. Sure Tokyo Ghoul re is hype because Tokyo Ghoul is always hype lol but the hypness doesnt always excuse for when the characters dont improve or make no sense from what they were presented as. The main problem I had with the series was the seemingly devolution of Haise and Touka as characters with every other character maturing and growing around them. Another thing I had disliked was the joking nature of some characters toxic behaviors hitting between lovers and blatant reduce to comedy relief Tsukiyama. Another problem was the disregard of once big plotpoints and mysteries nearly completely ignored or put off to the sideNearly everything involving Hide. A final flaw that wasnt very huge in the span of things but got on my nerves a bit was the awful LGBT characters.. They were represented very very poorly and were made out to just be stereotypical representations of what a person thought they are in the most basic sense. It made me extremely disappointed to see all of these take place and with the ending chapter solidifying these thoughts. It felt like Ishida wanted the series to end and gave what the majority wanted which is never the right idea for a great series that Tokyo Ghoul once was. Art: 7/10 Very good a definite improvement from the first series although some fight scenes are confusing Characters: 3/10 All of my complaints are above Story: 5/10 Enjoyable but still had many problems stemming from the character inconsistencies Overall: 5.5/10 will probably buy volumes 16 but not anything after :/ Would not recommend
55 /100
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