High School DxD. Season 1. The first season of my all-time favorite anime series. Ecchi, oppai, and pantsu in all it's glory. But besides that, there's a reason why this and 5 other anime series on my list are rated 10/10. First, the characters. I love each and every character in this series. They are probably the most unique of any anime series I've watched because of their designs, and their personalities stand out. To explain the story a little bit:

In the beginning, Issei dates a girl who turned out to be a fallen angel. She killed him, which made me sad because that also relates to my experience when I dated a friend who became my girlfriend in college. The moral of that is, she and my ex weren't all who they turned out to be. And I think lots of people know this all too well. After that, Issei gets revived by Rias and becomes a member of the Gremory family soon afterwards, once everything was sorted out.

The story overall was very interesting and easy to follow, even though the ecchi action can get in the way at times. To me the ecchi is the funny part and it makes me laugh. I will say, boobs are my least favorite body part, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy them somewhat. And yeah, I do enjoy ecchi to some degree, I mean who doesn't, right? I'm an adult. Everybody loves girls, right? And also, Issei has tons of girls around him and he protects them no matter what and they are his family. That shows courage and strength. It is every man's dream to have girls like that, even just one girl. Girls that are loyal, girls that stick with you no matter what. And Issei's attitude is pervy and sometimes naive, but that's what makes Issei a funny character. In most social situations that's how he acts, but when things are serious, that's when he shows his true power.

With his Sacred Gear of the Welsh Dragon. The gear and the dragon spirit combined with his determination to protect those close to him, makes the action in the plot oh so sweet.

The art is the best art I've seen out of any other anime series I've watched to date. And I mean that. Some other anime are a close second. The soundtrack is good, I love the fancy themes when Issei is with the Gremory family members doing activities. And best of all, the OPENING THEME is so SICK! It's much better than the other DxD themes in the series. It's amazing and catchy and I can dig the slow and steady pace beat. Now I wouldn't say that this is a masterpiece, because this isn't for everyone of course, but I will say it's a masterpiece for myself. It allowed me to expand my horizons for other anime the same as it or have a few elements from it that make them enjoyable, whether it be the romance, or the comedy, or the ecchi... but it depends, it can't just be all ecchi or else it would be boring. Ecchi is nice and all but at least keep it entertaining and show me more of the story elements. Show me how the story goes, continue on with it so I at least know what is supposed to go on, and have the characters interact with each other and do activities, and make it funny and enjoyable. That's the essential part of a good harem/ecchi. That's why I love series like this. And this anime specifically does it so well. This is why, I can call this my masterpiece.

100 /100
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