The third season of the second cour of the foodgasm shows. Again, I don't know why there is something stuck out about this series honestly from my view. Probably because the story isn't too ready to be eaten or the main problem that still depends up to the ending. For this, I don't feel whether there is anything memorable in here. The first impression was good at the beginning of the start which showing the intense bit by bit. But, as I said before, something is still attached in this season and not to mention the series is also divided into two parts that still haven't solve the main plot. When I just finished this series, I immediately read the manga that still left an unfinished track but we'll not discuss it that deep. We'll focus on the series from this Toutsuki Ressha-hen.

It continues after Erina joins the Souma's army to battle against her father. For this season, the story keeps exploring her characters with Souma's support as an influence of chef. With Souma's help, Erina learns a lot about what cooking means. Erina's first appearance at the time of this series can't be changed from her personality because of her ego as like the cold queen. However, her perspective on us and her character is well-development so as to change our main points about her character. I also didn't realize it if some of the characters look ignored. Souma has a little role in this series so he can't impress as much as I see in the previous seasons. There are some minor plot holes that didn't quite explain such as Tousuke of why he was dropped from Elite Ten. Some also seem vaguely like the explanation of the deep character of who is the characters that just joined in Elite Ten. Some also have a little twist such as Akira Hayama which I'll not discuss as detail as possible because of spoiler. In addition, Megumi's role as a major character also feels lost. So, this season puts a lot of value about the characters but not the story though some background is also explained a bit.

Just like the first cour, the art is no different from this. Some that I mention like CGI which indeed a new thing but it's really weird, for me. But is it just me that feel the camera angle always show mouth-watering and exploding clothes as often as possible or is this already common in this series because I just felt it in this season? The background carries a lot of chibi elements whose the characters are out of nowhere. This feeling is only included in this season and not with the prequel one. At least, there is some fanservice that many people want to then none. Just in case, this may just be me or my mood because watching it by the marathon.

Nothing much I want to talk a lot about the soundtrack and all of that. The opening and ending songs are slightly impressed for me. One of the things that makes a minor problem is a music. The first, I just thought is a quality mediocre music. But somehow sometimes it becomes decent which it becomes pretty dull so this is just my minor problem. The voice actor I think doing everything greats as well with some of them also doing phenomenal things.

Some of the characters I've mentioned like Erina with her well-developed character, Tousuke Megishima which's still vague, Megumi Tadokoro and Akira Hayama. We'll also don't forget with the main character in this series, Souma Yukihira. You know, I just realize that Souma's character also looks very different from the first time I watched the first season a few years ago as his hairstyle is getting longer. Nothing much I can talk about him because he is also one of the characters who've much better development to get to this season like his archrivals between Akira Hayama is growing up too. In addition, I also not forget the development of Hayama characters that described in this series, how he felt after the Central to disappoint his friends. The main antagonist, Azami, also shortly discussed his background along with Jouichirou Yukihira and Gin Doujima while still in Totsuki. The background of Nene and Satoshi is more exposed despite leaving a vague impression. I think, this season more open to the background of the characters than about the 'Shokugeki' between characters since the emergence of Azami who became the main points in this series. Because of this series as well, the characters of Elite Ten didn't leave an overly exaggerated impression.

Because this season put a lot of the characters instead of the story, the same as the first cour. There is no boredom and the pace isn't always impressed like being forced. This season is one of the decent, not too great but not too bad. It's enjoying with the characters reappeared in this series where one season almost drops their respective roles and it's still foodgasm. So, this is still one of the cooking anime where you can find some knowledge if you are interested in culinary or just wants to enjoy the fanservice, honestly.

Shokugeki no Souma is one of the franchises which always comes with the improvement until the third season. The story that you always made curiously and always draw a laugh to the fanservice you always want to enjoy which it become one that is always being anticipating. The plot is not too impressed and the series is more discussed to the background and development of each character. Some are missing but this is not the best but not the bad as well. It's in balanced and I'm still reading the manga which is getting more interesting than the anime. So as far as I know, Toutsuki Ressha-hen cannot be said bad but I still can appreciate it.

70 /100
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