What a season that was. Outstanding High School DxD Hero. Season 4. Ive been waiting for this season to come out for SUCH a long time. I couldnt hold in my absolute excitement because every one of my weeb friends know how much I love this fucking series this series is dear to my heart And the best of my best anime continues With so much more detail First the characters are still retained of their original looks and personality and voices I love it Even though the art style has changed because its a different studio This time its Passione it still looks REALLY really good and everyone still has that same look we all know in love. This art style may not be as good as the first three seasons but its still very likable Very new and modern. The soundtrack is great too I didnt really pay attention to the themes much but when there was fighting going on I think I liked the themes during those battles the best. The main theme was decent but not great or anything. And I kind of explained a little bit of the story in the spoilers but the story was wellwritten there were things happening really fast but nothing really threw me off because the pace was just right. Everything that needed to happen happened. Character interaction was spoton between the main characters. The ecchi wasnt too much but just right. The way they executed this season was phenomenal. I learned much more about some things that I didnt before. And judging by the way this ended I KNOW theyre not done yet. Seriously this is yet another masterpiece not for everyone of course but it is still MY masterpiece. In the review I gave on the first season I said that this series was my alltime favorite and there was a reason why. This season just continues the best still being the best in my book the best harem the best ecchi the best romance. Thank you for a wonderful wonderful season
100 /100
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