SteinsGate is about time travel and how that have a big impact on the future. Is about the struggle of Okabe Rintarou to fix the timeline fighting against not only time but organizations that want the power to time travel too. So SteinsGate is a really weird anime at first. Is really funny yet really serious. The real big plot doesnt really start till the first half of the show before that it is really slow but after watching it 3 times I think every episode before the real plot is really important too so I wouldnt say his slow start is something badly done it is necessary. The show starts presenting us ome of the main characters. Okabe Rintarou who is the main character and calls himself the mad scientist Hououin Kyouma boss os the a lab where they create amazing things and currently are trying to make a time machine with a microwave. Itaru Hashida who everyone calls Daru and has some good hacking skills and Mayuri Shiina who actually doesnt really help creating things but is a friend and spent time with them in the lab. I guess u noticed a lot of this well see it by urself for the why xD The thing is one day Okabe Rinatarou watch a redheaded girl die call the police and they manage things from there. But the next day he sees that girl is actually alive and perfectly fine with no injuries whatsoever. Without really knowing what happened Okabe and Daru keep working with the microwave to make a time machine and they manage to do some progress testing it with a banana. The redheaded girl saw that cause she went to the lab and got interested in their work and start helping them. She is Makise Kurisu a really clever scientist that has a lot of knowledge about human brain and time travel theories. Cant really say more this really is an unusual anime really well done all around that Im sure you will love. It is really hard to tell you what is so good if u didnt watched and without spoilers. So doing a review of this is really hard actually. But I encourage you to watch this anime cause it is a masterpiece. Art plot characters soundtrack... everything is extremely good you really cant go wrong watching this even if u dont really enjoy scifi or time traveling like me you will enjoy this anyways.
100 /100
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