So after watching this anime I can safely say this: Much like movies such as Face Off with Nicholas Cage or The Room by Tommy Wiseau, Mirai Nikki specializes in the art of being so bad it's actually kind of amazing

Everything about this series is insane to the tenth degree and that's thankfully what makes it so enjoyable: It knows it's beyond fucking stupid but the whole anime plays out like it's aware of that fact and just says "if we're not gonna make sense then we're gonna have shit tons of fun not making sense" and that's essentially what I got out of this series

The premise: What can I say it's every death game competition story you've seen before but what does distinguish it is that the characters are just having such a blast with playing this game and that's where the bulk of the enjoyment for me came from is that I was just having such a fun time watching these people act like total raving lunatics

And just to be fair as insanely over the top and Horrendously entertaining as Future Diary is I actually will give one legitimate criticism that for every over the top insane moment there are just as many dull and boring moments and episodes that make you just wanna get back to the over the top stupidity but on the plus side those are few and far between and don't take much time to switch gears

Now where do I stand on recommendations of this series? Well unless you haven't been paying attention the recommendation criteria is pretty simple: If your looking for a balls to the wall fun ass time anime without having to think too hard then this is the anime for you.

Of course if you're going in expecting a life changing story with deep and complex characters I assure you are NOT gonna get it here and if you are hoping for that stuff then might I re-direct you towards Death Note or anything in the Fullmetal Alchemist Series, hell I'd even argue Assassination Classroom for as goofy as it is will give you more depth with its characters and story

But again if you are coming in expecting to see something over that's over the top stupid with how entertaining it is then you'll definitely enjoy this. All it is really is a time waster with some laughably enjoyable moments if you have the right mind set for stuff like that

67 /100
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