Hinamatsuri is one that really belongs in the comedy genre because this anime knows how to create a good comedy perfectly. Recently, I've never seen a comedy anime which is absolutely like Hinamatsuri. This is the season of KonoSuba, Nichijou, Osomatsu-san and Hataraku Maou-sama! although it only provides 12 episodes alone which are able to make me laugh in every episode. Now, I don't want to be like people who have a bad sense of humor and usually enjoy comedy to trope cliche of anime. Two word that makes a determination into one that is entertaining and enjoyable, sometimes charming but sometimes also delightful at the same time which some scenes teach us one of the important lessons in life. But, this is a comedy so we'll not go too far from it.

Hinamatsuri is a metaphor for life is sometimes funny. It's like you are witnessing a shallow action where you are carried into a world full of absurdity. The premise is pretty silly because there is the location of the comic and the point. It's weird that this anime has a variety of colors from the story to the characteristic. Think about it, is it possible that a yakuza being in a violent world suddenly becomes a sitter for a child? What's more, it breaks the stereotype which you don't understand what is this. The first opening scene shows some actual pretty scenes that will be explained at the end. This scene actually has no relationship at all and will be discussed at the end of the episode. So, it's pointless and people forget it sooner. The rest of it is a comedy which is so deep into the abyss. It does a phenomenal job as the misadventures of misunderstanding into a life teaching. It combines a simile if life is sometimes funny. In addition, this anime always capturing the expression of its characters with a very precise time using their gimmick. Each segment always fills with misunderstandings that lead to the endless ridiculous things. Although these segments are always being in the pattern, Hinamatsuri does not fully focus on them. Sometimes, it's so random that sometimes be an emotional thing. What's more, things like this come randomly and suddenly so the feelings of each episode are always memorable for every scene and segments.

The art and animation have good quality but not too it. I always realize that they don't always repeat a frame when talking about characters who're talking or move but they put a lot of effort into this. The character designs are evident with slightly dense outlines and a somewhat sharper. I can say they are also trying to look like a real human in this part though not how much. When affiliated with this, always love the character reactions. They are pure gold when remembering whatever is it a funny moment in Hinamatsuri.

Hinamatsuri brings a lot of great casts to fit their personalities. Everybody has their respective roles so that all comedies become effective. Sometimes, the soundtrack is really out of nowhere that some also have a very profound meaning. There is not much I can say in this regard but it's perfect.

The characters have a variety of uniqueness in each character and all of that represents something more appealing. Hina and Nitta are the main characters that are more focused on them. Little by little, a close relationship like a child and father gets stronger so they are well-developed characters. However, we'll be less serious when talking about Anzu who has emotional character development and uplifting. Her first introduction is pretty annoying and doesn't care about the people around her. After all sorts of things she crossed to survive, she learned a lot after meeting with a homeless. She learned how difficult a life is, grateful for everything, and always smiled at whether we were in a situation. She is the one that many segments would make you like a douche or make you cry with her characteristic. Hitomi is one big enough example when it comes to adult issues. She's too fast to understand how the adult world is, hiding her secret job, and she doesn't like it. Mao, although her character has a small role, is one of those characters with a shallow introduction so I don't know if I should feel bad or funny. Her character reminds me of the movie named Cast Away with various segments that are almost similar such as fantasy friends and rafts. Although these characters have a different principle, they are interconnected and become a continuous storyline, although they are rarely meet between characters. It taught you a lot about life, gratitude, depressing, charming, togetherness, reality, and etc.

After everything I consider positive, I'm not sure that everyone will dislike this anime. In fact all that is the opposite. This is one of the floating anime when you want to watch it at a leisurely time or when your mood is very good. It's not that hard to understand even though there are a few fanservice that isn't all focused on it either. Hinamatsuri comes with a variety of creativity in the story to a lesson in life. It's funny and enjoyable at the same times.

Hinamatsuri comes in 12 episodes. I don't know for sure about how much material is adapted from the manga but I want to try to read it too. 12 episodes that all of its scenes are almost all memorable with various characters that appear in kind of variety. It's on random until sometimes make you laugh, moved, but sometimes both. Life is sometimes funny, same with this anime. The art is kinda funny with the expression of each character performed. Hinamatsuri certainly is a sitcom of comedy because this anime comes with a variety of gags. It's about misadventures and misunderstanding that lead to the fact of life.

88 /100
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