The most depressing thing about Mars of Destruction was that it wasnt the first compilation movie from Idea Factory. Thats right Mars of Destruction was the SECOND outing which means that Idea Factory thought the idea was good enough to try a second time. It boggles the mind. In the far off future a mysterious floating object suddenly appears in the center of an unnamed city. The top secret unit Alta Mira Agency or AA for short I might need to visit the AA after drinking to try and forget this existed is commissioned by the defense agency to deal with this mysterious invader.In charge of the robot training is a Otsuya Fungai. And he must choose one of the people in the Alta Mira Agency to receive special training to use the Battle Soles to push back the enemy even if it might cost them their lives. Got that? Because the OVA sure as hell doesnt tell you that. And thats what you get for compiling cutscenes from a game into a movie without of the inbetween parts. A vague plot that no one understands because its missing huge chunks of what plot it does have. And running at a whopping 19 minutes it couldnt even have much of a plot or channelization if it tried. Like Mars of Destruction this is a pretty blatant rip off of Evangelion having monsters attack the city in a similar style and having the main character have deep rooted personal problems just without any of the quality that came with Evangelion. Along with having bad 2D animation Skelter+Heaven has some terrible 3D animation to go with it. The fact that this OVA came out the same time as something like Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex was airing and has some pretty decent 3D animation the 3D animation of Skelter+Heaven is extra insulting. If you dont have the budget to have animation in your game maybe you should use that extra budget in other areas. There isnt an English dub for this and i dont blame anyone for wanting to come within a mile of this. Like with Mars of Destruction what we have is is an anime that could have been sobaditsgood material if it wasnt for the fact that everything about it is painful. Is Skelter+Heaven worth watching even for a laugh? No.
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