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First impressions, an anime based off a hentai game, sweet let's see what happens. When I first got into this show I didn't like it at first, but I gave it a second chance and ended up liking it.

Story 6/10

On the island mysterious of Hatsune,
Where the cherry blossom trees bloom all year along.
The smell of love starts to fill the air.

It starts with are main character Junnichi has a dream about girl that is going to meet him in the near future. After being woken up by his step sister named Nemu. He starts to make his way to school.
He then meets his cousin Sakura, for whom they thought was living in America, Sakura has come to finish the promise she made to Junnichi when they where children. The first half is pretty much an episodic story that contains slice of nothing really happens moments
For example, when the main character comes across that cat girl maid or when he just doing his day to day activities. We slowly see romance starting to take form, which I found somewhat boring to watch.
However, it is necessary, because otherwise I wouldn't care about whats happening in the story.

The second half is more focused more on the love triangle that has manifested between Junnichi, Nemu and Sakura. Both of them are fighting for his affections, which has been building up over time and comes to the surface for all to see. Our main character, then has to make a choice, which is kind of bittersweet but was essential to furthering the plot. So I thought this was a very relaxing ]and it does deliver on those feels. Moreover, when the show gets serious, the show handles itself with maturity, which I quite like. Especially because love triangles can turn ugly very quickly.

The show wasn't without its blemishes and negatives. It really is kind of just a standard story that I have seen told many times before. Additionally, for some reason there is some magic elements in this story with the main character and his cousin (who can use magic) and a magic tree that grants wishes. Another problem I did have with magic being in this show is the fact that there isn't really much explained about how the magic system really works in this world, and any information we are given is pretty vague. It just seems like that the magic in this show can pretty much do anything you want, and yes I know this is a romantic comedy and I shouldn't take the magic elements seriously. Even though, it's a simplistic romantic comedy but the lack of information kind of bothered me.
Moreover, I didn't like magic and I must give them credit that the magic it made things a lot worse. Therefore, magic impacted the decisions and choices that characters made within the overall story.

Characters 5/10

The main character is pretty much your run of the mill visual novel protagonist, who is kind, thoughtful, and always wants to help people with their problems. Even if he the one who will be the most affected by it. The side characters are also very one note. For example, you have a air headed rich girl and her younger sister who always cook hotpot on the school roof very school day.
There is pretty decent character development with the people in this love triangle. Besides, the above points nothing else warrants a mention.

Art 6/10

The animation is average as a whole. The colours scheme is very vibrant and bright and goes with the lighthearted one of the show. It has this very cute style it. Also the transition to the the more darker and drama tone of the show with a dim and greyer color scheme. It's background animation is pretty average. I thought the character design where kind of basic.

Sound 5/10

The ost was pretty forgettable, but it did fit the tone of the show pretty well. Furthermore, the ost was composed by Yuko Kanno, who has worked on other anime osts such as JoJo Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders and Ajin. I thought the voice acting was fine for the most part. The subtitled version was well done.

Enjoyment 6/10

I found it very bland most of the times when I was watching it and the only parts I loved about it was the love triangle parts that moved the story along. I also found it quite relaxing to watch.

Overall, 6/10

In conclusion, if you like visual novel adaptations or shows that take their drama and romance somewhat seriously, then you will probably like this show.

61 /100
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