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First impressions, so just some back story on this onegai teacher was one of the first rom-con anime I watched when I was starting to get into anime so I think it's about time to review this.


The story begins with are main character Kai who is living in this small town in the country side in with his uncle in order to help keep an eye on a illness he has,
One day while at the lake he comes across a ufo and sees a pretty women come out of it.
The Next day he meets his new teacher miss Kazami who becomes quite popular with the students, after finding out there next door neighbors he helps for move and one things leads to another he finds out that she an Alien and they have to pretend there in a relationship to hide the fact she an alien while also hiding that fact that there now married from the rest of the town.

So when getting into this anime I was pretty surprised with its some what
kinky set up with the romance between a student who is 18 and the teacher who is a human/alien hybrid who was sent from a galactic organization to watch humanity.

The main focus of onegai teacher is the daily life struggles between the two Main characters as they try to hide there relationship from others and the fact that one of them is technically an alien.

One of the things I liked about this part is that the main characters get to know each other I little more and develop a very close bond with one another.
Which is quite interesting to watch because before they where complete strangers,
And I mean by interesting is that in a sense it's kind of realistic,
Not in the whole him getting into a relationship with his teacher or one of them is from a different planet because I don't believe that happens to often or not at all.

But realistic in the sense that these are people that have kind of been forced into a situation and just slowly they start clicking with each other.

Me personally I feel that it's more realistic and natural than two people just meet and they wanting to start relationship right off bat.

I also liked the fact it took the whole taboo relationship thing seriously as well because this could have easily turned into another fan service show with sexual tension,
Which would have gone boring very fast.

Another thing I like about the story is that for once the Main character gets to go all the way to home base home run yah take One for the team. But this takes place in the ova episode so yah look forward to that,
Also it was nice it see that his relationship had progressed to the next level so pat on the back for that.

The other focus is pretty much thing you see in most rom-coms.
School life things and drama that can get a little mallow dramatic at times.
But I think it had it heart in the right place,
And it made a very nice background plot.

Now my biggest complaint I would have to say about onegai teacher,
is that by today's standards it has a very dated presentation and it is pretty much watched for historical purposes.
Which isn't bad per say but it dose make it loose it's punch.

I also think they could off have a few more episodes to help flesh out there relationship more and some of the other characters dramas.

It's also a lot more mature than most rom-com things.
Also if your looking for fan service this show is tame by today's standards.

Characters, 6/10

The main character is pretty average.
It's just that timid guy that's trying to get his life back in order after a major sickness.
but he has some psychological problems that give him a I bit of depth to his character.
I thought the whole thing with his sister killing herself in front of him and him unable to deal with it was I think quite interesting.
Although I wished we had more flash back or foreshadowing about his sister so I you could care more.

The other main character was alright as well still pretty average but her alien background was some what interesting but they really don't explore it that much.

The side characters were pretty one note. But on the plus side there is some character drama that helps flesh put the characters and makes then more relatable. There is also a bit of character development between the main character as he try's to get over his problems.


The art work was pretty average. It wasn't bad nor good.
But it did an ok job with it,
It just looks very dated.

It has this style that reminds me of older hentai like from the late 1990s to early 2000s
Because if I found this on some random porn site or something along those lines.
by the premise and the art style alone I would have most likely thought while going into it this could be hentai show.

It has very dated character designs,
But I really do like the look of miss Kazami and the main character uncle.

Sounds, 6/10

The opening was pretty fun to listen to.
Other than that there really is nothing else.

Enjoyment, 7/10

So over all I found onegai teacher to be a pretty entertaining over all.

I liked the romance and that it kind of took it seriously.
I also found it comedy funny at times.
I still like it to this day and I still watch for nostalgia purposes. So I like it but for very basis reasons.

Overall. 7/10
If are looking a rom-con that takes it self seriously and some fan service then you will probably like onegai teacher. But if you have seen a lot of rom-con then this will probably do nothing much for you.

72 /100
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