Warning this review may contain spoilers. First impressions so after I had finished watching please teacher. I had found out that it had a sequel/spinoff called please twins. So at the time is was some what intrigued to check it out to see if it was as good as please teacher or at least watchable by romcom standards and for the most part it was. Story 5/10 so like it pequel please teacher please twins main focus is another taboo relationship because last time we had the teacher now so lets now go with twins. So the set up for please twins starts out like most school life romcom you know school life and what not. The story is about Main protagonist named maiku or mike in the dub who is an orphan and the only hint of his actual family is a photo of him as child with another person. Because of the events of please teacher he finds his childhood home which was also the picture he has. After he has moved in and set himself up one day someone shows up on his door claiming that they are his long lost twin sister who named miina then about 5min later another girl named karen shows up claiming the same thing. With both of them having the same picture that mike has and also having the Same blue eyes as him. So pretty much twins is about this big problem of one of then being a long lost relative and one of them being a stranger and none of them knowing who is the relative and who the stranger among the two girls. So after that mike decides that they should both live with him intill that can solve this problem. So please twins if you didnt know is pretty much a romcom story with probably the most awkward plot set up I have seen in quite a while Because what are the odds of long lost relatives coming to you door around about the same time. Thats a little to bullshity to me but anyway. So the story is pretty much about the daily life of mike miina and Karen and the situations that come of with them living together. And of corse they fall in love with him even though I dont think its a good idea to persure a Romantic relationship with someone that could be your twin brother but its not like that stopped anyone else in anime. So for the most part plays out like usual romcoms. There misunderstandings there people that like the main character and miina and Karen try to stop it and last but not lest is the drama thing of who the relative and who the stranger. Even though at that point in the story its didnt really matter because after what they been though together I doubt mike going to kick one of them out just because one of them isnt his sister. Plus why would get rid of them these girls they do his housework for him and help pay his bills. Its more beneficial to have these girls around and it doesnt really change much after they find out who is who all it really says is this girl has dibs to try and have a relationship with mike. So I would say my positives are. That it still takes itself seriously enough even though it arguable. its more kinkier than its predecessor but its still more mature than most slice of life romcom school life shit. Another positive is even though its got fansevice its pretty tame and trys to treat its characters with respect. I would my negatives are that. This could have been a moody and darker show about trying to repressive the urge to persure a relationship despite the problems such a relationship would bring and there are scenes in the show which hint that the characters involved are having those kind of feelings. So its no koi kaze it that aspect. Another problem is that its very dated and all its ideas have been done better before or even the concept itself has been improved in other stories . The last problem or negative I have is that. The whole who the relative and who the stranger conflict. Was solved in a very anti climaxic way and how that situation played out was a bit to mallow dramatic for my taste. Characters 6/10 The main character was a lot more interesting and had more of an defined personality compared to the previous main character. His personality is pretty much the loner asshole who has a gentle side to him When he not getting into fights. He has a bit of teenage angst to him and the way he was reacting to his new situation was pretty understandable and reltale. Because he is an orphan and for the first time in his life he has got an actual family and people out there that he himself cares about and they care for him. Because lets be completely honest orphanages do suck. But sadly unlike the previous main character he didnt get to go all to home base. Side characters. We also get quite a few of the side characters from please teacher making an appearance which I quited liked and we get some new characters as well. But you know they are still two dimensional at the most part as well. the characters are relatable but the problem is there nothing really to deep about them. Plus the new cast doesnt have the Cham that the old cast had. Which is funny to me because none of the characters really stood out to me. Art 6/10 The animation is fine just like please teacher. Backgrounds is also fine but its needs work. Because a lot of the time the backgrounds are very unfocused and sometimes really blurry and take me out of the immersion. It also has some very bright colors that go well with the tone of the show. The art style is a very dated it differently looks different form the norm we get now a days. Buts it still pretty generic art style. The character designs are fine. What I think it slightly good about the character designs. Is that its pretty tame especially for characters. that for all intents and purposes are used for fansevice. Sound 5/10 I slightly like the opening I dont care that much about the ending song in the slightest. The ost was pretty forgettable over all for me. It has some ok voice acting both sub and dub. But other than that its pretty much average. Enjoyment 6/10 So over all I quite enjoyed please twins it not as good as please teacher. But it was still fun to watch and I also quite liked how the whole thing play out any way. I also like some of the miss understanding parts that came up. Like for example there one episode where miina and Karen think mike is a homosexual. because there this guy who most likely bi sexual who hits on him and is the only person that mike really is seen with and the fact that mike isnt that really fussed when it comes to the ladies. So pretty much Though that entire episode they basically try that click bait him to try and quote on quote fix him. Even though this episode they kind made homosexuality a joke which I didnt really appreciate but the episode was still funny to say the least. Because we find out that wasnt the case and in fact we was actually trying his best to hold back. Which I am going to quote in his words exactly what was keeping him back. One of them a relative One of them a relative One of them a relative Overall 6/10 If you liked please teacher or romcons in general then you will probably like this. But if you have seen enough romcon shows then this will pretty much nothing much for you. Because its very dated and only nostalgia fans would really get value out of it.
63 /100
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