Warning this review may contain spoilers. First impressions so devil may cry a anime adaptation of a video game about this guy who fights demons sounds cool enough. Story 5/10 So the story of devil may cry is about dante who is a demon hunter and is also a demonhuman hybrid. So if your a devil may cry fan you have probably wanted to know the question of what does dante do when he isnt saving the world or fucking some random chicks in a dumpster somewhere. Well if your asked yourself this question then you will me happy to know that this anime gives you idea. He fights Random demons he then eats pizza and sundaes and we are reminded that he is drowning in debt and doing all these things while being a badass. So from what you have just read so far you can pretty much guess that there really isnt really a plot to this and for the most part you would be right. Devil may cry story is for the most part very episodic it mostly includes stand alone missions. that dante dose for a living and some of what dante dose when he doesnt have work going on. Which is mostly him fucking around while eating high amounts of sundaes and pizzas. Which I am not an expert of demon or half demon biology but surely eating all that pizza and sundaes would probably slightly bad for him . unless in this world just demons really love pizza and sundaes. But other than that there really isnt much I can comment on this show doesnt really use all the ingredients that it could used and even if this show for all intents and purposes is a kick ass rule of cool show about some badass dude fighting demons. It doesnt use or play on many of the elements its brings up. Like one example there was an episode where we find a demon falling in love with this human women and though this episode we find out that not all demons are evil monsters that destroy and kill everything in there path and demons themselves have the ability to grow not just in power and also there personality and beliefs. And what really bothers me is that they gloss over this idea in one episode Which leaves me with few questions like why is this demon so different from the rest of his kind or what lead him to becoming like this. They never explain or expand on that idea and concept. Which I think is a wasted opportunity. Now I will mention that this show tried to have an overarching plot with the loli side kick that Dante has with him. That dose lead to this plot In the end but it really doesnt matter in the long run of things. What happens is that the this demon thats trying to become some sort of super demon and needs the loli side kicks blood or something she has to complete it. But it was boring and predictable and I dont care about in the lest. Like here is how they could have made this show ten times more interesting and not feel like a soulless video game ad in anime form. Still keep the episodic missions expect the episode count is 24 episodes and during these episodes we lean more about the lore and world of devil may cry. Because the demon and super natural elements are quite interesting and it would cool to explore Dante childhood as being a half demon/orphan or talk about what other super natural shit that going down that doesnt involve demons. It would be pretty cool to see Dante fight angels or some organization trying to capture or kill him because of his demonic nature. Surely that would be batter Than what we actually got and if it had those what ifs the story and anime could stand up on its own and not just be a video game adaptation. Character6/10 The main character is pretty badass. I mean if you look up badass in the dictionary you would probably find this dude picture on it. He is pretty cocky and very relaxed says bad ass lines and dose the most badass things you can think of. The side characters were also pretty cool as well. Except one character because for some reason this show has a loli side kick for dante Who pissed me off some times. The bad guys who are demons of the week. Are pretty much your throw away characters that I dont give a fuck about. Art 6/10 The animation is pretty decent its very polished and shiny it is something you should watch in he if you can. It also has this kind of dim color scheme that goes well with the kind setting that this show has. It also has some pretty good fight animation as well. The demon designs were pretty cool as well. Dante also looks pretty cool as well. Sound 5/10 Not a big fan of the opening or ending song. Because it just a background noise music which doesnt sound good to me. The ost is pretty decent and it fits the tone of the show pretty well. And I couldnt find out who did the ost. But ost is ok. The sub and dub is alight. Plus Dante English voice actor sounds like he does in the games. Enjoyment6/10 I liked the fight scenes. I also like the characters as well. I also like some of the designs for the demons they were pretty cool. Overall6/10 So if you are Looking for a decent rule of cool show then you will probably like this anime but it seems like to be that you would have to be fan of devil may cry in order to like it more. If you not a fan of the game you will mostly right this off as another sub par video game adaption.
61 /100
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