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First impressions, so after watching the sub par anime version of this manga that left me with a really bad taste in my mouth it did make me want to know how the manga of was and I must admit that this was quite better. Even though this is a generic battle harem.

Story, 6/10

The story of Rosario vampire starts of with are main character tsukane who has flanked his entry exams into high school but luckily his parents find a flyer for a private school known as yokai academy that will happily take in students regardless of you academics.
So with little other choice they decide to send Him to this school.
Little did he now that this will school change his life forever So on his first day of school he runs into a another student name moka who he befriends after that he finds out that moka is a vampire and that this is a school For monsters so they can fit in with human society and with a no humans allowed rule. So now tsukane must band together with moka and his new monster friends to help him survive in this monster only school.

So you kind of tell this pretty much that this going to be a generic by the books school life battle harem. which for the most part it is and plays out like one.
but what is a bit different about it is that it definitely takes an interesting spin on it.
And I am no saying that it completely different because it's pretty much starts off with the Same formula that you have seem time and time again being milked to death in most battle harems.
You know guy meets girl, guy gets involved in some pretty intense shit , guy will eventually accidentally start developing a harem around him, guy will start developing super natural powers.

It also doesn't help that for the start is kind of episodeic and very ber bones to say the least.
Even though its dose gets more intense in plot later on.
To explain its pretty much follows this monster of the week formula.
With the main character who is trying to fit in at this monster school with all the school slice of life stuff and every new weeks he gets involved into situations with some of his follow students at first. But as time goes on he starts getting into more intense situations like the sudent police force finding out that he maybe a human and attempted to kill him which didn't work out Because of moka giving him temporary vampire powers which helps him survive and helps gets the Student police off his ass.
But this Does led him to more dangerous situations of monster fighting him with him getting more temporary vampire powers which eventually take there toll on his body and he eventually starts becoming a monster himself and the story basically becomes him trying to protect his friends and aiming for his goal of human and monster coexistence while trying to keep his humanity intact.

Now the ending of this isn't really the ending its just because of reasons they had to brake it up into parts so this is the ending for part one so if you want to see the full story go read part 2.

Now even though I have seen this kind of story telling done before and in some cases better.
I did find this enjoyable and fun interesting to a point.

Like with the different types of monsters with there powers that made the fights quite interesting even though most of the they are pretty repetitive because unofficial girl frend dose most of the fighting for him. Which is kind of a shame because they could have used some tactics but luckily some of the opposition become quite strong and some times they Will have to use team work in order to beat them so that quite nice.

Aother thing that is interesting about it is that it dose tackle some Racal Themes about human and monster coexistence.
Which could been done better If thay really went into detail with it instead of using it for nakama speeches and power ups.

Another thing thing which story wise strong about it is the relationship that starts slowly developing between tsukane and moka. Which is some aspects is kind of forced but they use there relationship to open up more plot lines later on.
And it's not one of oh you a human I am a vampire we can never love each other.
It's more oh we get along its see where this leads to.

Characters, 6/10

The main character tsukane for the most part starts off like most harem protagonist.
You know not much of a personality he pretty much the average joe.

But what is strong about him in particular is that he dose though some slow character development and fleshing out. Which starts turning him from band self inert to him gradually becoming more alpha and becoming more useful.
Another thing that was good about his character was a bit of this inner conflict which they never bring it up again which is a wasted opportunity.
For example there is this one chapter where he starts craveing to drink moka blood. Which they could have brought up a really cool concept of him at times slowly loosening his humanity.

The side characters are quite generic at the start and are pretty much the normal stereotypes you would find in meny battle harem story's.
But like the main character the start having some fleshing out and development which starts makeing them two dimensional at the most.
Also personally are quite fun as well.

For example there is this one character who is a succbus who of corse in love with the main character. And some of you who have herd the world succbus you probably thank that she going to be a stereotypical whore character who will trying every trick in the book to get the D but she doesn't use her powers to win him over because she believes that this isn't fair to the other girls and also the fact she wants to instead win him with love and not use cheap tricks to win him over and I am thinking man that quite deep and a good reason for doing what she doing.

Another thing that kind of sold me with the characters was also the character interaction watch was quite funny to watch.

No one thing that is negative is that Most of the villains are very one note.
So don't expect some good villains.

Art, 7/10

The artwork started off kind of poor at first, it did look very cartoonish. But after a bit it's starts getting more details and it's starts looking very sharp and clear. It also has some pretty good fight scenes as well.

It's has a very shounen art style to it if that makes any sense.
To explain more clearly if you have seen quite a bit of shounen you should get the idea of what I am going on about.

Its character design are kind of fedishy based.

But one thing that really dose stand out is the monster designs.
Because they look very well done.
I can tell that person who made these designs had a lot of fun making and bringing them to life.

Enjoyment, 7/10

so like I have seid before even though I found this to be quite genetic.

I must admit that I did like it because I found this story to have some magic to it.

I also liked the whole school for monsters it was kind of remind me of hogwarts from Harry Potter. I thought for a school battle harem that was an interesting place to have this stuff take place.

Overall, 6/10

So overall even though this is kind a generic harem story. It is probably one of the better ones out there and if you like battle shounen,harem,super natural, you will probably enjoy this one.
Now if your not into haram then you wil probably won't enjoy this as much and there are other story's that doing everything that this has done but done it better.

63 /100
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