Warning this review may contain spoilers. First impressions so after watching tale of memories I decided to check out this out to see if it was as good or enjoyable as it And over all I wasnt that disappointed. Because it still manage to keep to its quality up to a point. Story 7/10 So Ef tale of melodies tells the story of two romances one of them is in the past and the other is in present day Its basically a prequel/ sequel to its predecessor Ef tale of memories So I am going to brake both of them up and talk about one at a time. So lets start this story with yuu himura an orphan high schooler who trying to persure his dreams. One day while leaving school a paper plane hits him on the head form the school roof after investing he encounters a girl who seems to know him But for the life of him he cant seem to remember While helping a school friend with her shopping he finds out that he as been followed by the girl who he meet on the roof who is reviled to be yuuko amamiya Who shared a close brother and sister like bond while they where in the orphanage together as kids So after that they decide to pick up where the left off especially since she still has feelings for him. Which is kind of sweet you know old friends re kindling old bonds which is always a good thing to do. So after this hanging out again like old times and starting to rekindle that bondwe find out that she become the victim of bullying which she doesnt seem to care much about it it is then reveled that she is actually being sexually and physically abused her adopted older brother and that the school bullying was actually her doing in order to get back at yuu For rejecting her offer to be his sister which had her end up in the situation she in now. So I thought this whole drama with the brother was kind of interesting and something I Havent seen that much of before But I also felt it was played a little to hammy for my taste personally. I also didnt really like the part where yuuko was fakeing the school bullying to get back at yuu Which I found quite pitty But dont get me wrong Like I understand the reasoning behind it But I am just thinking to myself oh you bitch Like I know you blame him and i like the idea of his past actions coming to bite him in the ass But come on he was like small Kid around the time the made that choice do you honestly think he could of predicted that this would happen. Plus people make mistakes especially children. So he decides to run away with her in order to get her away from her abuser Which works as well as you think as she returns back to her brother shortly afterward Which I liked because I dont think its going to work out especially if you have no job or money to keep your going. which leaves both of them time to reflect on the consequences of what they both done to each other and who they can make it right. Which I really liked because both of them realized that both of them have fucked up hard and that need to forgive each other. Which though a series of events leads to the older brother killing himself by setting himself and the house a blaze Which I thought of kind of a bit to over the top But I guess that had to solve it one way or another. With her brother now gone both of them can now be together. But there happiness doesnt last long Which doesnt last for long as one day while waiting for yuu yuuko get hit by a car while saving a small child and dies Which yuu still hasnt gotten over even In present day I thought this part of generally tragic because after what they been though together and how much effort it took to get there was just taking in a second Its like life decided we havent had these people suffer enough we need to stick the knife in deeper and twist it. But yuuko hasnt given up yet either as her spirit is still waiting for him In Which they finally meet another again in order to spend one last day together before she fully passes on. Which I thought was very touching and sweet But it kind of rueing the impact of her death. The second is in present day that starts off with mizuki hayama an outgoing high schooler who is staying with relatives for the winter holidays While staying there she hears a violin playing in the background and is I entranced by it sound. After asking her relatives she find out it came from there next door neighbor kuze shichi a middle aged play boy who is a professional musician After being introduced to one another they decide to hang out during the holidays. While hanging out together a few times mizuki starts to becoming even closer and closer to kuze and is developing feelings for him Ok this is kind of different I wonder how there going to handle this massive age gap. she starts noticing that something is wrong with kuze with him at times passing out or that there somethings he not telling her she finds out that kuze has got a terminal heart illness that will kill him in about a year with him suffering from depression because of it. Now I found this kind of interesting but also quite mallow dramatic at the same time After finding this out she decides to trys to save him from his depression and make his last days on earth as happy as possible Which at first doesnt really go that well especially since he in a very dark place and he isnt willing to allow people to help him especially mizuki. I found this part quite realistic at less of what happens to a person suffering from depression and the fear of death as your body just slowly starts to shut down. But though consent persistence and her love for him she manages to get though to him and convince him to go through the operation that can prolong his life for a few more years. But the operation could also kill him as well So giving it all or nothing kuze decide to go though the operation for mizuki with it working So after the operation both of them begin there relationship together While it lasts. I thought this was also very sweet and did bring the feels But I think this could have been more tragic and its already crossing on the fine line where you know this isnt going to have a happy ending at the end of the day unless they have some sort of ass pull So while I compare the two romances together I really like that one between kuze and mizuki more then yuu and yuuko Because I personally found there one more relatable Even though found it a little pedoish. Because I can relate to the whole depression thing and it being related to some sort of terminal illness Like the struggle you go through the ups and down of it all. Is something that I have experienced myself and its definitely more interesting and relatable to me when compared to childhood friend in a abusive relationship Which is probably also quite relate to quite a few people But personally I couldnt really bye into it. But I found both of them where handled in the proper way Especially when it came To the subject matter that they both tackle. I also found both of the dramas interesting and different from what i usefully see But I think that both how they end are kind of ass pullish Because your girlfriend is waiting for you as a ghost in order to send one last day with you I probably would have liked more is that he dies and then meet her in the after life But hay that just me. Also your boyfriend with the heart disease living past a operation that had I high chance of killing him or not working. But those are my only nick picks. But guess my major problem with it is that it kind of ideal for its own good I guess But You know this was based on a porn game so I guess that the reason why. Characters 6/10 Yuu and kuze. I thought yuu was kind of bland character especially in his high school days I mean the only thing he pretty much had going for him as that he was very independent person and he was a orphan But I did think he was a bit more interesting in his adult years Because he kind like this mentor character or something along those lines. Kuze had a bit more going for him especially what was going on Because he was acting quite human But other than that he was kind of just the playboy kind of character. yuuko and mizuki. When it came to yuuko I thought she was a kind of bland character Intill the thing with her brother was found out Because under that happy outside was a girl who pretty much thinks of her self as damaged goodsand it takes yuu to show her that she more than that. So I give credit where credit is due Mizuki I found was just the happy girl and nothing really else to her Other than the fact she just happen to have a lot of wisdom on life which I thought came out of nowhere. Side character are pretty average Also all the old characters are back as well So we get to see what there up to as well. Which is quite nice. But nothing Really happened that much with them. There just kind of there. Art 7/10 The animtion looks very nice Very crip and clean The background also look very detailed as well There also a very nice color scheme. It has this generic v.n style to it especially or VN standards It also uses a lot of symbolism in some scenes of importance It basically shaft being shaft. The character designs are also generic as well. Sound 6/10 I thought the op and ending where all right I found them relaxing I thought the ost was on point for very scene it was used. But it didnt really stand out that much to me. Enjoyment 6/10 I quite enjoyed this I found the drama interesting and even though i find it quite generic and kind to ideal for its own good and all my other my nick picks It probably still one of my favorite rom com shows that I like to watch every now then. Overall 7/10 If you like romcom or just fans of the VN them probably watch this Its fine for what it is But if didnt like the first one or dont like these types in general then probably stay a way.
72 /100
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