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First impression, so one of my online comrades is like a big fan of wolfs rain and also any other bones show in general, he was talking about it and I got kind of interest for checking it out.
And Also because wolfs are like my favourite land animals.

Story, 7/10

In a world that has been turned into a complete shit hole,
There is a legend that when the world is about to reach its end paradise will appear.
But only wolfs know where to find it with the help of the lunar flower, but wolfs have been extinct for 200 years.
For so they thought that have actually been hiding in plain sight.
A lone wolf kiba are main character makes his way to a city far into the north in order to persuade this dream.
While there he encountered three other wolfs and the lunar flower girl.
Though some events they all decide to Travel together to find paradise.

So the story of wolf rain is one of those epic rogue journey,
With are cast of characters Travel all over the place looking for this paradise,
That may or may not exist but they're going to try to find it anyway.

Which is done quite well when I think back on it in retrospect

Because there a big sense of tension and danger with people trying to hunt down are group of wolfs and also that fact there are other things out there that can and will kill them if they get the opportunity.
Like the hunter dude or the noble chick

Good sense of world building as we find out more and how the world became like this. Like the noble class's wars kind of fucked over the world pretty badly
Which I thought was quite interesting.

we also see how people are trying there best to live in this post apocalyptic shit hole.
Like for example there this one episode where this other group of wolfs that gets worked almost to death by this town in order for them to get food so that can eat and there basically slave labour.

My biggest complement I could give it is that yes it is quite a depressing story,
Even though it does have some hope spots every now and then.
It still very honest and sticks to its guns.

But that also to its determent as well.
Because it has this one emotional state that it likes to stick to And if your not a fan of the misery Train it likes to ride on your going to get bored of it really fast.

Another complaint I have,
Is that the drama kind of gets a little over bearing at times,
Like I understand that these characters have these issues and what not.
But you don't need to beat people over the head with it.
Like how many times to we need to be reminded of one of the characters mistakes of the past and shit like that.

Other than those few criticisms it's a pretty solid story,
Even for bones standards.
Who are pretty infamous at fucking up storylines

it has a very decent ending which had a nice little twist of trying to find paradise and what paradise actually means.
it may have not been the most happy of endings or probably the most satisfying.

But at the same time it fitted very well for what the show stands for.

Because the idea of paradise slowly eroding into a shit hole again down the line is kind of interesting and the fact that the characters are basically going to repeat these events over and over again In a endless loop.

Characters, 7/10

The main character kiba I thought was pretty cool,
He kind of this prideful and acts rather rash.
But he goes though his little development which was good.
Like dropping his pride some times in order to live

I also want to take the time talking about the over wolf team characters a whole.
Which is what I am going to cool the main four wolf characters team wolf

All of them start off two or three dimensional and they all have decent personality,
But as the series goes one they get there developments as well.

They have a nice little team banter going on as well,
I do know some of the criticism is that it does get old and dry after a while.
But I would like to rise the point that because it's somewhat formulate In nature.
But that is the reason why they play off each other so well is because we seen there personal journeys together, we seen them but heads with one another we seen them interactions outside the journey they have.
We even seen their problems and how they overcame them.
And I feel that quite natural for what exactly the situation they are in.

Also when characters in the main cast get badly injured or die,
You actually care and it feels like it has actual impact.
Which shocked me because I didn't think this show would get such an emotional reaction out of me.
But what I think what actually makes it work is because that have such a really cool team dynamic and it actually is impactful because someone been taken out of that group equation.

The side characters,
There decent as well.
They don't get as much development like the Main cast do that or have more defined personality's .
But they do there roles well.

But I have to talk the villains'
I thought the wolf eyed guy was quite interesting he had a decent back story and had a decent Reason for doing what he doing.
He was quite cool in a very nice intimidating way.

But the thought the other villain it's that noble lady,
I thought she wasn't done as well I would have hoped.
I thought she was played a little to dramatic at times.
But she was fine none the less.

Art, 6/10

Animation looked quite decent especially the time this show came out,
But it looks a little dated.
It's has quite a bit of grit to it was well,
Which I quite liked.

The art style has this very bleak look about it,
Which fitted the show perfectly like a glove.
It also had this cool dystopian look,
which I was also digging as well.

Characters design look alright,
I really like the look of the wolfs.
Because they look similar to their real life counterparts,
Well as close as they could get it I guess.
Because this is anime and they couldn't be 100% accurate.

Sound, 6/10

I really like the opening,
It very reminiscent to some of the classic 90s Rock tunes I used to listen to while I was growing up as a kid.
Also it's all in English so that was kind of refreshing especially sense for the most part I expected something in Japanese.

The ending sounded alright but I personally liked the op more,
The ost was quite decent.
But sadly nothing really clicked with me ost wise.

The ost was done by Yoko Kanno,
Who I think I have mentioned before is some of my other reviews

In case I haven't a few examples of what she has done ost for code guess, ecaflowne, and space Danny.

Also only watched the dub so I don't know much about the sub,
But the dub sounds nice.

Enjoyment, 6/10

I quite enjoyed this show,
Like I said before wolfs are one of my favourite animals and I quite liked this idea of wolf's going on this to find paradise.
I quite enjoyed the fact that this show trying to think I little outside the box.
When coming to these kind of storeys.
I really enjoyed the opening.
I also think as far as depressing series go this one of the better ones.

Overall, 7/10

If your Looking for a emo like series or just have a like for the feels then probably check this out.
If you're into the more up beat shows then probably find something else to watch.

71 /100
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