I started watching Dragonball Z at a very young age and even when I was young I loved it. I grew up watching the my languages dub and fell in love with the show. Dragonball Z is an epic anime with brilliant fight scenes and great characters. If you are looking for a great fighting anime look no further. Story Dragonball Z is a story about a naive man named Goku trying to be come stronger but powerful villains stand in his way and try to take over the world kill him blah blah blah. That is the story in its simplest form. Now I will review the story. Dragonball Z has emotional moments funny moments really cool fights romance and the occasional plot twist. Dragonball Z story is very enjoyable and will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat or cursing at your TV. The show has a lot of fights and they are amazing it is what every one wants to see super powerful beings kicking the crap out of each other. Dragonball Z has quite a bit of humor as well example: Krillin not being able to get girls or getting his but kicked all the time Goku Food humor and idiocy Vegeta Goku getting on his nerves. Art Dragonball Z art is good but dated but of course we are looking at a 1996 anime here Sound I will review the sound in two sections Japanese Dub on the background music and the voice actors and then the English dub. Japanese Dub First I will start with the background music. The Japanese background music can fit the scenes very well but it sounds very old like a seventys cheesy horror movie. What I like about the Japanese background music is in some scenes they dont add any background music whilst FUNimations sound track have music in EVERY scene. What I dont like about the Japanese music is that it can get very annoying. English Dub I am reviewing the FUNimations dub and not ocean dub or any other dub so this is purely based on FUNimations dub. Funimations music fits in very well with the fight scenes and that is what I like about it because it makes the fights more dramatic and cooler but when there is no fighting I hate FUNimations music purely because it doesnt fit the scenes well. FUNimation has done a brilliant job when choosing their voice actors. Each character voice suits them really well. Character The characters in Dragonball Z are truly unique. You have Goku the Naive Hero of the story Vegeta the short tempered bad ass Gohan the son of Goku. The characters all fall into place although there are some useless ones and it would not matter if they are there or not. Goku learns of Vegeta and Vegeta learns of Goku. They have such good characters and they are not your average heroes. Enjoyment Dragonball Z is a very fun series very easy to get into so I can recommend this anime to anyone Overall Overall I would have to give it a 8/10 Happy Watching
80 /100
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