Just as amazing as the first. Wonderful.

So New basically has another story untold...

This time we learn about Kiba's story of his dark, bloody past and its connection to the mysterious Holy Swords. He was once a subject of a cruel experiment, and now he wants revenge on those who wronged him. There is a return of an old enemy, as well as an appearance of two new beauties.

And speaking of those two beauties, they are Xenovia and my sweet, sweet waifu, Irina Shidou. I'm going to be honest, the first time I saw Irina I didn't have an interest in her because I didn't have a waifu at the time. I was just using Akeno as a placeholder. Now, when I actually went back through my favorite anime to select a waifu, based on all of the anime I've watched so far... I went back to Irina. And she was the perfect choice for me! Sorry if I'm bragging it's just... she's too beautiful and I absolutely adore her personality and looks! She's happy, positive, and serious sometimes too. I love her voice. Everything about her is just fantastic. I love these kinds of women. Her powers are cool, too.

The plot seems very interesting to me. Having to watch New again for the second time I really had to see exactly how it unfolded. But I did remember something at the end of the season...

There was this huge battle, between the Gremory family and this fallen angel named Kokabiel. Kokabiel was extremely strong and was hard to fight against for Issei, which made me wonder, is he going to appear again after DxD Hero? Because he poses a huge threat in the plot of this season, and if he's THIS strong, there's no way they can just leave him out like that. And just before all of that, Gasper came into play. When I first saw him I didn't know he was a boy until I googled him shortly after I had a look at his appearance. But he acts girlish, so he's basically the "trap" in this case for the DxD series XD He's pretty cool, a nice fellow. Pretty shy, but helps out a lot because of his secret power and is key to what happens near the end of this season.

Characters are the same as the first season, just some new ones added. Soundtrack is alright, kind of the same as the first. The first opening theme for New is basically second to the opening for season 1, so it's pretty good. Art is exactly the same. So pretty much, all I can say for this season is that it continues to be as good as the first. If you're a pure DxD fan like me, you would comprehend that there's not much to add besides the few new characters and new plot, but see that the ecchi, harem and romantic goodness still ensues.

100 /100
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