City Hunter is a underrated classic that not many people are even aware exists. But this hidden gem is filled with 80's charm that makes it purely fun to watch.

City Hunter is a episodic show that follows Japans premier hired gun, Ryo Saeba. There is no real overarching plot to City Hunter which is both its greatest strength and downfall. The episodic nature helps keep the show from feeling bogged down with filler, drawn out fights, or just general slow sections. However since most episodes follow a general formula it can start to feel repetitive. Overall, the plot is entertaining but nothing groundbreaking.

One of City Hunter's greatest strengths lies within its characters.The two main characters, Ryo and Kaori, take the majority of screen time. And despite the episodic nature of the show, City Hunter manages to subtly develop the main characters as individuals and their interactions with each other.

Ryo is a lazy,carefree,jovial, and perverted man who also happens to be the most gifted marksman to ever exist. But underneath Ryo's perverted and lighthearted exterior is a man with a intriguing past and strong sense of justice. Alternating freely between trying to bang anything that moves to a unstoppable bad ass with a gun, Ryo is one of the most enjoyable characters to watch in all of anime.

Kaori is Ryo's partner in business who keeps his perverted side in check with a 10 ton hammer. Kaori is a very love or hate character. She mostly serves as a counter balance to Ryo to make sure he never takes things too far. So due to this role, her character can be seen as shallow. However, due to her being a counterbalance, her interactions and chemistry with Ryo are fantastic.

City Hunter can be described in one word, Retro. The old art style and animation techniques fit the aesthetic of this show perfectly. Normally old art styles might be a bit of a turnoff, however the art in city hunter is so fitting that it instead enhances the enjoyment.

Similarly to the visuals, the music in City Hunter is extremely retro. The music fits the show quite well with many quality pieces of music, however very few tracks in the anime really stand out besides the opening. And the voice actors are absolutely brilliant when it come to bringing their character to life. Every emotion feels truly genuine and the personalities of the characters can be heard in their voices.

Simply put, City Hunter is an entertaining show to watch. The plot may not be overly complex but it doesn't have to be, the characters are fun to watch, and the Audio/Visuals fits the show perfectly. All this combines to make City Hunter the perfect anime to sit back and enjoy late at night.

90 /100
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