Third time's a charm. Very nice.

So the third season basically is the exact same thing as the other two seasons, just new villains and new things added to the plot. I apologize but most of the things I'm going to say are spoilers. If you read my other two reviews, you would understand why I'm writing so little. But for the 4th season of this series I wrote a lot because I was waiting for a long time for it, and I waited until it finished airing too, so if you want to read the review of DxD hero, go to my page and click reviews.

So basically we have Issei in the bed again with Asia and Rias, just like the beginning of last season XD And this time Akeno joins in too. Issei had a bad dream with the girl he used to date a long time ago, who's name was Raynare. After he woke up, his whole house was rebuilt into a mansion of some sort. It was huge! In the beginning Issei and the gang were all on Summer vacation. But during that vacation they encounter Loki and Loki ALMOST killed Issei (because he was killed, but then revived by the Phoenix Tears that Ravel gave) That was terrifying. I saw the girls with emotion as they took out the beasts when he was killed like that. But after, it was revealed that Issei and Rias had curses placed on them by Loki, and Issei had fear of revealing his true emotions to girls and deepening relationships with them. He became scared. At some point towards the end, an imposter of Issei kidnapped Rias and Rias was controlled by Loki and sent to the Dimensional Gap. I swear I vaguely remember all of this, so watching the ending 4 episodes kind of refreshed me a bit. Overall, the ending was oh so sweet. Issei in bed with the babes. Rossweisse became a member of the Gremory family and she became a Rook, thus giving Rias the completion of all her pieces. And Issei won the race with Asia.

I will say though, the third season is where pretty much all of the main cast deepens their relationship with Issei. Because he's went through so much even in this season, they are willing to do anything so that the Gremory family is in good hands. And I like that aspect.

Art is the same as the other two seasons. Still looking good. Soundtrack is good. But the main theme of this, which is titled "Bless Your Name" by ChouCho is probably my least favorite theme out of the four seasons.

If I were to rank the main opening themes of each season in order:

  1. "Trip innocent of D" by Larval Stage Planning (Season 1)
  2. "Sympathy" by Larval Stage Planning (Season 2)
  3. "Switch" by Minami (Season 4)
  4. "Gekijouron" by ZAQ (Season 2)
  5. "BLESS YoUr NAME" by ChouCho (Season 3)

Overall, very good. Still the best harem/ecchi of any anime out there. Never ceases to amaze me. XD Like I said before, it's been a while since I've watched BorN so I'm writing less, but know that I'm very passionate about the series.

100 /100
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