Rokuhara Shoujotachi wa Kouya o Mezasu Shoujotachi for short is an anime made to promote a visual novel by the same name. The anime is about six high school students forming a group called Rokuhara to make a visual novel. This animes plot shares a lot with the one in Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Saekano. This anime isnt a ripoff of Saekano though its just a different take on a similar plot. There are many roadblocks in the way of the development of their game many of them that also get in the way of the viewer liking the anime. Ill explain what I mean later for now Ill introduce the characters: Buntarou Houjou Buntarou Houjou more commonly called Bunta is the main character of the anime. He ends up being the writer for Rokuhara after Kuroda sees his talents as a scriptwriter for the schools Drama Club. He often gets writers block but nevertheless is a hard worker. Sayuki Kuroda Sayuki Kuroda is the leader and producer for Rokuhara. Kuroda is the person who comes up with the plan to make a visual novel recruiting Bunta who recruits the others to join. Shes quite socially inept leading her to be overly frank and condescending when she shouldnt be. Kuroda is into Bishoujo games and is an otaku. She develops feelings for Bunta in the anime as the episodes go on. Yuuka Kobayakawa Yuuka Kobayakawa is Buntas childhood friend and the Voice Actress for Rokuhara. She is in the Drama Club and is generally known as a great actress in that circle. Shes very bubbly and the most outgoing of all of Rokuhara. She also expresses feelings for Bunta later in the anime perhaps noticing the threat of Kuroda or the other girls. Teruha Andou Teruha Andou is the programmer for Rokuhara. She also works parttime at a maid caf and helps on her familys fishing ship. Shes a loud person and often thinks before saying or doing causing friction between her and others in Rokuhara. Shes open about her obsession with anything BL which creeps out everybody else in the group at least once. Uguisu Yuuki Uguisu Yuuki is the artist for Rokuhara. Shes one of the top artists on Pixiv and is probably the most talented of all of the people in Rokuhara. Shes very shy and has problems speaking up as a result. She has the tendency to overwork herself to the point of becoming sick. Atomu Kai Atomu Kai is the assistant director for Rokuhara and the only other male in the group and is also Buntas other childhood friend. He has the appearance of a nice guy but hates the term because being one has been his downfall with women in the past. He has an intense hate for normies which fuels his passion to make a visual novel. He doesnt have a specific talent so he mostly does busywork. As I was saying earlier Shoujotachi is an anime that has a lot of melodramatic points. Im not going to spoil any of them but a lot of them were unnecessary in my opinion. Of course an anime needs to have some conflict to make it interesting but the way that Shoujotachi does it is poorly executed. It also makes some of the supporting characters unlikable in some parts of the anime. Its difficult to fit the plot of a 2030 hour long visual novel to a 4 hour long anime but I think there has to be a better way of doing it. A lot of these plot points come off as forced drama as much as I hate to use that term. Its drama for the sake of it. Most of the drama especially towards the end isnt really resolved in a good way either. Guess youll have to buy the visual novel to have an actual conclusion to it. The characters themselves are alright. As I said above there are some points in the anime that made me slightly dislike characters at least for a bit. I know that characters shouldnt be perfect but the way that these characters are shown to have imperfections is very annoying. A lot of this anime especially the latter half is annoying. That being said I didnt hate any of the characters I do like some of them like Kuroda. Im sure there are enough characters for you to find at least one that you like the most. Shoujotachi wa Kouya o Mezasu isnt a bad anime but it isnt a good one either. Im sort of mixed on what to think of it since I believe that the anime had a great potential to be better. The anime had too much unnecessary drama in it. Perhaps that drama is better explained and brought out in the visual novel but its just drama for the sake of drama in the anime. It seriously hinders the plot as time goes on. Between this anime and Saekano I would rather watch Saekano since I like the characters better than the ones in Shoujotachi. That being said this anime isnt unwatchable so if youre into Saekano I would recommend you this. If you liked reading this review you can read more of my anime reviews along with other things animerelated here
55 /100
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