This show's premise is a novel idea that this genre rarely sees. And now that we've gotten the best aspect of the show out of the way, the show only goes downhill with everything else.

Probably spoilers

Immediately upon looking at the synopsis of the show, you're probably at least a tad interested in what the show says it will provide. The premise of the show isn't anything spectacular, but it at least supposedly gives us a concept that will itch that craving that we desire. But this is where the praising ends, as it's evident that this premise was too much to handle in a short 12 episode time period. You have this set up that promises so much, yet can't help but fall flat on its ass because it can't accomplish a majority of them. And because it fails to accomplish much of anything, it becomes apparent early on to who this show caters to: those that are starving for any rom-com they can get their hands on. You've already reached close to the bottom of the barrel, might as well go all in.

I think my biggest gripe toward the show is the overall attitude and tone it conveys throughout. It really tries to make it clear that the idea of revenge is one that is serious and worth telling. But throw that out the window, because any semblance of seriousness you're trying to muster up is buried beneath the shows laughably predictable cliches. You quickly begin to lose interest by, like, the 3rd episode. And by the time you've finally made it to the third episode, you begin to look like this:

Because of so many cliches and extremely dumb plot devices laid out early on, it very quickly undermines the idea of revenge or the interesting synopsis that even got us here in the first place. And this is why the topic of revenge dies early on. The interesting idea of sweet, sweet revenge is put on the backburner in favor of these cliches that we've seen numerous times before. Can cliches work and lead to a pleasurable experience? Absolutely. But not in the context of this show.

If the show is trying so desperately to make a name for itself by being unique, the characters are playing the wrong ball-game. Remember how I said that the show's cliche nature feeds into the overall failure of the attitude the show tries to provide? Well the characters, in turn, feed into the cliche nature itself. See how this is all playing out? Just one big conveyor belt. The characters are about as bland, cliche, and numbed down as you can possibly get. Their interesting character traits are just masks that hide who they really are.

We're made to act like we should care about all of the struggles and the stressful situations that the characters get into, but how can we when they all act like pretentious assholes that are protected in their own little world? The main protagonist is about as boring and generic as you can get, showing off how cool he is while still keeping his self-conscious side of him hidden. Adagaki is a downright bitch, and who actually gives a shit about anyone else? The characters can be split into 3 camps: Masamune, Adagaki, and everyone else. Cool. There's a small, meek looking girl with a devious side that has massive boobs. Who cares?

And...that's about it. Nothing else really noteworthy is even worth mentioning. Is the music any good? Not really. It might serve the moment, but nothing about it is remotely memorable. The OP and ED is laughably bad, so skipping them is just common practice. Is the animation at least decent? It just comes across as lazy, trying to let the strangely bright color palette do all the talking. And that's really it. Nothing else to see here. Hoped you enjoyed this unforgettable train wreck.

You will continuously watch through the entirety of the show, hoping to find at least something that will reward you for sitting through its own hideous characters and repetitive story-telling. But sadly, you won't in the slightest. By the time you've reached the halfway point of the show, the wheel has already stopped, and the hamster has long since passed. Maybe the manga is better, and maybe it does a better job at juggling so many characters and plot devices than the anime. But I'm not gonna slog my way through 10 volumes to learn the outcome of characters I already have no interest in. Because at the end of the day, the final question is only this:
"Why am I watching this over anything else?"

20 /100
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