What was I expecting when I started watching Inu x Boku SS? I really don't know, something entertaining at the very least? Unfortunately, Inu x Boku is nothing of the sort, just an episodic hodgepodge of random scenarios with little-to-no overarching plot. I'm actually not sure what this was supposed to be. A romance? If so, it certainly lacked progression until the very end. A comedy? Well, it didn't really make me laugh very much, which I admit, is somewhat subjective, but the humor didn't work for me, outside of a few characters or episodes. Supernatural? I guess it had supernatural elements. Honestly, those were the highlight of the show, but the supernatural powers got so little focus that they may as well have been just a plot device.

Artistically, Inu x Boku is going to blow absolutely nobody away. It's rather basic in every way and is starting to look a little dated as the years pass. That's not to say it's not acceptable, but it may look really old in a few years. The big win for Inu x Boku was the songs. I really liked the opening and the changing endings, it added an air of personality to each episode, which was refreshing. Outside of those things, nothing about Inu x Boku is a technical marvel, it's only acceptable at best.

Favorite Character: Kagerou Shoukiin

I was a hair away from saying that Karuta was my favorite, but I had to give it to my S&M dude. Honestly, his introductory episode was the funniest in the entire series, I was legit laughing out loud because of his antics. I aspire to go around labeling things as sadistic or masochistic now because of him.

To be clear, I did like some of the cast, even if it's not as many of them as I would have liked. Sorinozuka, or the scroll dude, was really funny as well, especially with his interactions with Nobara, his perverted, lesbian secret service agent. Nobara in general was a hilarious character. However, I cannot say that I loved the main two characters very much. They kind of felt as if someone was like, "Hey, we have these two pieces of cardboard for main characters, so let's give them a personality." and then they decided to make one piece of cardboard a self-pitying loli tsundere and the other an overly attached stalker. I felt zero connection to either of them throughout the entire series. Not once did I feel anything other than boredom when they came onto the screen. If you've followed my reviewing at all, you know I'm a huge shipper and this show didn't even make me bother with shipping characters, because they were so mediocre outside of a select few.

I don't even know if I'm disappointed by Inu x Boku or just relieved to be done with it. To make a confession, I was kind of half asleep for the last 3-4 episodes, if not even longer, so I may have missed out on the best the show had to offer. However, I feel as if that proves my point though. Inu x Boku couldn't even command enough of my attention for a single cour, that's how bland it is.

56 /100
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