Setokai no Ichizon is, for the lack of better words, a cliched story. In fact, its so cliche that you can just rename it to generic harem story #42515. What's the story? Harem. What's the animation? Harem. What's the subplot? Harem. Its almost as if Seitokai no Ichizon just plans to cash in on greasy neckbeards whose only happiness comes from wish-fulfillment characters such as the main lead, Ken Sugisaki - whose only interest is playing eroge and constantly talking about it with girls who are clearly repulsed by them. Still, for some reason, the girls fall in love with him - because that's what a harem is.

Artwork and Animation (8/20)
The artwork is horrible - nay, atrocious on a very good day. Its grainy and flimsy. So let's start in sequence. Firstly, faces. The facial features are terrible, and the faces are overgrown to shit (like, more than half the size of the body), which is quite pronounced in Kurimu and Minatsu's characters. The others have it too, just not to a very high degree.

Next up, the environment, which is also quite horrible. It is sparsely detailed and it never can create the environment needed and its a far cry from good. It looks terrible and there is nothing to it. The council room (which is where 80% of the work is done) could have seriously done with a revival. Its just a table, some chairs and a bunch of boxes. Atleast put SOMETHING there, it isn't a shack.

And, now the animation. The animation is choppy, flies every which way and combined with the horrible artwork it just might kill you. Character movements are cluttery at best and the action scenes look ridiculous. Even the breast physics are crap.

Other than that, the only releases of seitokai no ichizon today that have any seeds are 480p good luck with that.

Sound and Music (12/20)
The voice acting is pretty bad, and I could never really feel sucked into the story because of how dull the sounds -in general- were. The only person that was even a bit convincing was Lilicia's character, and other than that, the characters were flat as a board.

The music is kind of a saving grace of the series, with atleast its OP being good and quite catchy and had a somewhat good music video. Sadly, even this falters when it comes to the ED. The ED is terrible and has a boring music video. Of course, it could just be my shitty taste in music.

Story - Or lack thereof (10/20)
The story line in Seitokai no Ichizon doesn't quite exist. It is more comedy than having an actually decent storyline. While the comedic effect isn't bad, it relies too much on references - and not even good ones at that. Like, honestly, what's the point of a reference if it is thinly veiled, and even mentioned in the official description? Like, seriously. References are supposed to be inside jokes, and you aren't supposed to base an entire season's worth of episodes on them. That gets old really, really quick. And god forbid you are on the outside of the inside joke, because that will destroy whatever little comedic effect Seitokai no Ichizon does have. Other than the references, the only other source of comedy is the girls beating up MC in rapidly escalating sadistic ways because the MC said something they didn't like or were embarrassed about, which I guess is funny for some, but for me, it was just too cliche.

So far we have already established that Seitokai no Ichizon is nothing on its own and relies on other "classical" anime to get its viewer base. Now, its story? Surprisingly enough, the story is pretty good, not there is enough of it, but when it does come, its great. The overall story (and in turn, most of the development) only shows its face at the start and end of individual arcs, which is disappointing to say the least. Still, when it does get executed, it almost looks like the romance was good enough. Plot progression is pretty bad though.

Characters (8/20)
Honest to god, what's the worst and blandest characters you ever saw? No one really cares, cause Seitokai no Ichizon is gonna take all those titles away. By far the characters were absolutely dreadful and cliche. I'll go in order.

Ken Sugisaki - The main character and a pervert, he constantly mentions that he wants to make a harem out of the student council and repeatedly gets his ass kicked. He plays a lot of eroges and his only positive quality is that he sits after school to finish all the work the "cute girls" couldn't do and hence establishing himself as the "man", you know, since women love responsible people.

Kurimu Sakurano - The token loli and the character that "is in highschool but hasn't grown since elementary school". her job is to act as the girl who brings in breast envy and whines about how she is a 'lady' while going head-over-heels for candy. For all intents and purposes, she IS an elementary school student, who was sent to high school as an excuse so that people who sexualize her can say "I'm totally not a pedophile bro, 17 year olds are fair game!"

Minatsu Shiina - The typical "Tough chick" who is good at sports and beats the MC for being a pervert. She also likes action games and is -for some weird reason- good at maths. Her entire plot goes around her trying to protect her sister from the lecherous hands of Sugisaki.

Chizuru Akaba - The "mature" woman. This can't be said enough. SHE IS MATURE. LIKE, REALLY MATURE. The plot constantly reminds you of this by repeatedly mentioning that she makes more money than everyone combined and already has a high profile job. She is also a sadist whose only job is to act as a maternal guardian towards Kurimu the loli. Wait, how the fuck does sadistic and maternal go together? Because its a harem, that's why it goes together.

Enjoyment (10/20)
While Seitokai no Ichizon isn't bad it isn't good either. Not if you don't like watching the same shit you watched in harem anime #125. Still, It has some comedic relief and its storyline can sometimes be fairly intense. But in hindsight, it end up being just what it wants to be, it copies every harem anime ever and ends like every harem anime ever - mediocre. Best I can call it is a good copypasta.

I won't write a review for its second season (Seitokai no Ichizon lv 2) because I haven't watched it, and I most probably won't either.

Final verdict - 48/100

48 /100
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