Overall - 5

The only word that comes to mind is - disappointing. This anime was one of the most awaited shows to come on, but it was a bummer and a waste of time. I got a recommendation for this show from almost all of my friends. The only reason I gave it a 5 is because of the animation and audio, otherwise a 3 would have worked. Heavyweight corporations made this, but for all that, it lacks the only thing which actually matters - the story. Not that there aren't good shows who lack a story, but this one tries so hard to create one and yet it fails, its very predictable and downright annoying at times. The main character could have used some height, and female lead -being the idol of the school- could have picked a better person to like. No, seriously, that guy looks like he just cleared grade school. In the end, the show is crap. Seriously, it doesn't even deserve the 24 episodes, the show is too damn stretched and the only thing people tend to do is talk about useless things, talk about some more useless things and then some.

Animation - 9.5/10

The animation is very well done to be frank. The Kuroyukihime (?) (also, what sort of retard puts 'hime (princess)' in his daughter's name?) is done with amazing detail and the fights are done with great fluidity. The male could have had been higher though, but then again, that's the plot's problem, not the animation's.

Audio - 9/10

The OP and ED are done brilliantly and the voices in the anime are fine.

Plot - 2/10

The plot is, for the lack of better words, absolute shit. Its as predictable as sunrise. No, seriously. The show seems to shout - "Stuck in some terrible shit with balls against the walls? Why just glow like a bloody fairy and use the awesomemegamonsterkilling cannon you get from it." or "hey you know how if you say 'i care' or some other emo bullshit you can get your hand on the aforementioned cannon and win?" The shows's plot is a bloody wreck, and to top it off, it dumps all the unanswered questions onto the head of the second season. Not cool, people.

Realism - 3/10

Why will a school idol go out with a terrible weaboo such as the protagonist? Why, she was using him for his skill at games, that's understandable, but why go out? He is everything you shouldn't be, short, fat, shy, good at games, lacking any social skills whatsoever, being a loner, to name a few. Show ain't realistic, don't kid yourself, you'll never bag a girl that good if you are good at games.

50 /100
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