I dont want to write much in the way of a fancy introduction for a review of Utsu Musume Sayuri Striking Daughter the kind of crap youd find in one of Courage the Cowardly Dogs nightmares or whatever you want to call this vomitinducting smegma. I want to keep it straightforward and easy to understand because honestly what the fuck. Literally At first I was asking myself not only what in Gods name was I watching but what in the world would drive someone to make such absolute dog shit This is the kind of weird shit that I thought was unimaginable you couldnt try to make this shit up its just too far out there. And as I am here today after the second and hopefully last time ever laying eyes on Utsu Musume Sayuri I am still disturbed and traumatized by what Ive witnessed. This OVA is 3 minutes long and thank the Lord it doesnt go any longer. It starts off with a zoom into these lines similar to the 2nd opening to Kill La Kill followed by some black mahjong pieces flipping around the screen and already you can tell this is not going to be pretty. It cuts to this black tentacle that bends around and shit I honestly thought at first it was just a black dildo and we find that its connected to this fuckface called Sayuri with captions This gotta be Sayuri. Unfortunately it gotta be dont it? There is nothing about the design of this disgusting blob that I assume has some pretty bad genetic defects from the dodgy eye to the bloody pinwheel on the side of its head. We are then shown Hiroshi who has his head INSIDE OF SAYURIS HEAD with hand motions as if he were playing a trumpet. If you were to tell me this was hentai I dont think I could argue with that. Its told by some fugly captions that Hiroshi apparently married into Sayuris family for reasons that in no way shape and form can be considered realistic. On Hiroshis lap is Sayuris Mama who appears to be a Babushka doll attempting to deepthroat what I assume to be the longass genitals of who wouldve guessed it Sayuris Papa. They all appear to be participating in what I can interpret as a poorly animated orgy. Yeah this has got to be some kind of sick Asian porn. In the synopsis it says that Sayuri is the daughter of a good family. Maybe theyre just misunderstood as this was made in Japan but I beg to differ. One minute into this Papa tells Sayuri that her time has come to strike. Strike what exactly? Well were told that she is to strike some poor masochistic deformed thing whos put itself in the position known as doggystyle pleading to be struck. Sayuri slithers the finger up its butt crack no joke before granting its wish and slamming the big black dildo straight down on its puny little ass over and over again until it falls unconscious. It says in the credits that the mother had been waiting for this day to come where Sayuri would strike. Why? Who the fuck cares? Certainly not the creators of this shit because they end it then and there. Nothing that was shown in this show makes any fucking sense And they dont even try to hide it This OVA is a pinnacle of complete garbage in the anime medium. It only goes for 3 minutes but thats 3 minutes too fucking long The story the characters the animation the sound all of it is awful even at an amateur level. You will have wish you spent those 3 minutes on extra sleep because there is nothing redeemable from this show. There are shows out there like Mars of Destruction Boku no Pico Pupa etc. that are known as some of the worst anime to ever be made and Utsu Musume Sayuri easily joins these others pieces of shit in the depths of anime hell. If I havent made myself clear thus far here it is in its simplest form: Fuck this show On MAL currently it has a mean score of 2.10 and thats still too damn high. It is a 0/10. Overall its a 0. If I used a raw score: Its a 0. If I had used the 3 minutes I had watching this shit to create some kind of convoluted mathematical formula to come up with the most objective score I could possible give it would still be a MOTHER FUCKING ZERO And if you disagree with me on this thats fine but I dare you to watch it and tell me otherwise.
0 /100
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