(First Review, I'm, not very good at it, don't @ me) Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo came into my life about two months ago. I was on the fence about watching it since, (I thought) I was spoiled of the ending. I was immediately drawn in by the art style, character design, and one of the ED's I watched on YouTube.
Sakurasou is a slice of life rom-com, similar to shows like ToraDora! and Golden Time. Sakura Hall is a dorm that holds all the wildest kids who attend Suimei University of the Arts. Our main protagonist, Sorata Kanda is a somewhat normal boy who got kicked out of the normal dorms for an arbitrary reason: Owning a pet cat. He is surrounded by people who he thinks he cannot fit in with in a million years, such as the adorable but easily flustered Nanami Aoyama, and the over energetic Misaki Kamiigusa, just to name )a few. The one character that makes the entire show for me, however, is the oblivious, hilariously cute and unique Mashiro Shiina. She is normally dimwitted, but she is also a genius at memorization, as well as art. She comes into Sorata's life in an hilarious "Master-Pet"' kind of way, with Sorata having to deal with her antics on a daily basis (hence the English title of the anime, "The Pet Girl of Sakurasou". Plot summary aside, there are many things to like about Sakurasou. One of it's strongest qualities is its humor. While not every joke is mind blowing, or hit its mark stunningly, when it delivers, (and it usually does every time Mashiro is on screen), it is more than enough to make someone like me, who has a pretty shit sense of humor get a kick out of it. The comedy aspect, while being the most prominent at first glance, is actually overtaken by the romance aspect of the show. Along this crazy journey through Sakura Hall, there are times where characters are faced with facing their own feelings. When these moments happen, it feels powerful, mainly due to the amazing characterization. I love these characters so much that, whenever anything happens, it is usually always fun and engaging. If you are going to watch this show mainly for the romance aspect, I believe it will deliver for you as well. This is one of those rare Drama Rom Com's where it is not that feelsy, or at least I thought that until a certain episode. Obviously, no spoilers allowed in reviews, so I'll just say, Sakurasou will make you laugh, feel impacted, and make you feel that bittersweet feeling life brings. It is honestly everything I think you need in a rom-com.
There are a few moments where Sakurasou falls flat in my eyes, for example, every joke that has to do with Bro-con, (Sorata's sister), is honestly such an eye roll, and there are moments where you may become slightly frustrated as a viewer with these character's emotions and how they choose to confront them, but I actually feel that's accurate to real life as there are times where you are scared to take the first step in starting a relationship, especially when it comes to confidence issues. In addition, I think the constant rejection of feelings presented just makes it ever so sweeter when our characters overcome their emotions. It is very similar to ToraDora!, in that aspect, and ToraDora! happens to also be one of my favorite Anime of all time. If you prefer a more run of the mill, realistic romance, that sadly isn't what you'll be getting. Instead you'll be getting a ride full of funny, memorable moments, a colorful, healthy cast of characters to love, and a world to become invested in. Oh, and yeah, Days of Dash is probably the best Anime ED of all time. Enough said. Link here:

Please give Sakurasou your full attention, and fall in love with it like I did, then hopefully we can agree on the fact that Mashiro is the best girl. Hopefully.

93 /100
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