Hanoka might not have reached the infamy of other terrible anime, such as Skelter+Heaven, Abunai Sisters, and Mars of Destruction, but that's because there's a lot less terrible with it than those other anime shorts, which is the best compliment that i can give it.

Released in 2006, Hanoka makes the big claim that it's the first anime to be fully animated in Adobe Flash, and it kinda shows. While I have seen much uglier animation, it's easy to tell that this series animation is a bit rough around the edges.

The series also has another problem that some short series have in that the OP is way too long. Each episode is roughly 5 minutes at most, and the OP is a minute and a half. More than one fifth of each episode is purely the opening. If it was 10 seconds, there wouldn't be a problem, but every time I skip it, it subconsciously feels like I'm skipping huge chunks of an episode.

What little story there is takes place in an indeterminate year far off into the future on planet called Tokinea, where human beings only known as "Inhabitants of the Stars" are attacking Humans on a planet called Tokinea, accusing them of polluting the planet with their technology. Humans have created "Demon Gods", powerful weapons used to destroy the Inhabitants of the Stars. This series focus' on "Demon God 7", known as Hanoka, and the boy who she is teamed up with, as they struggle to fight against the Inhabitants of the Stars.

And this brings us to the series' biggest problem. The whole thing feels like the footnotes of a 12-episode series. There is clearly the faintest hint of a plot and characters, but the series is way too short to give any of it the proper depth it needs to be even remotely entertaining or interesting. On top of that, the series has a recap episode. The whole series is just barely long enough for one regular sized episode, and it has a recap episode just over half way through the series. Just why?

Unfortunately, due to the Aruji Morino's (the creator of this series) failing health, the series didn't end up the way he wanted, and even he is unhappy with the final product. Maybe someone can pick this up and make it a fully fledged series, but I doubt that's ever going to happen.

The DVD actually comes with a couple of touch ups, such as new and extended scenes as well as some rerecorded and new dialogue that add some mild plot to the whole thing. There's even a prologue and epilogue that changes the whole resolution to the anime. So clearly the team behind it knew they had a bit of a flop on their hands, and they tried their best to make it better, but it didn't really work out.

As it stands, I can't recommend this to anyone unless someone is looking for an anime that has something even mildly noteworthy about it, like the fact that this is the first fully animated series in Adobe Flash or the DVD has a slightly different version. This one is skippable.

20 /100
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