Bullying is indeed one of the worst of all if it deals with society primarily in the school. Its the worst step but is capable of dropping the mentality of a person from outside or inside. There are also those who are able to fight it to become a better person in the future. However Koe no Katachi is not the movie that focuses most on it but this is about someone who wants to redeem his past wants to fix it and hide the facts that he has done in the past so that he can become a better person. This is the most powerful most emotional and most emotional movies ever. Its not a surprise if its premiered with Kimi no Na wa is one of the best anime movies of the year. The story seems like a highspeed roller coaster and engaging with viewers feeling of the experience. This type of movie is called a comingofage and of all the movies Ive watched this is the most affected. Well my personal favorites are Stand by Me The Graduate and Empire of the Sun. However Koe no Katachi focuses more on an emotional hit in the story in terms of plot and character. The story doesnt fall in along with the others but this is one of the movies that you never feel from a 2hour movie. The first plot is focused on Shouya who always bully Shouko as a deaf person. There is no particular reason but playing with someone does have a special impression for the perpetrator as long as it doesnt cross the line. When crossing the line Shouya becomes the center of attention for the culprit and is counterattacked by the society because of what he had done. During his karma and hard time he was finally given a second chance to be able to repay what he had done. In a nutshell this movie putting a spotlight on the two characters in upside down while the story is pushed by other characters. At the end of the movie Shouya really deserves he has done in openminded realizing his past and being an inspiration to his friends. As one of the many anime they directed with similar face characters such as moe and related Koe no Katachi has an excellent job in this movie. They are like introducing a high quality in working on this movie and not in a half. Unlike the anime which has been worked on from one of the phenomenal studios ever KyoAni also continues to keep their trademarks. Comparing it with Makoto Shinkai is indeed a diverse topic but Koe no Katachi is one of the lively smoothest most beautiful and most detailed in terms of animation. Its not every day when your one of the classic bands have ever been in the anime which youve watched. Its so rare for anime to used any English songs when talking about classic rock bands but The Who which is one of my personal favorite classic rock bands has been performed in this anime. I would never forget the premiered and to this day I dont even want to believe it. I hope at least they also occasionally use some songs from outside bands which are at least underrated and overrated. The ending theme song is sad and emotional but not as memorable even though the lyrics contained in the song really hit. The voice acting is in full performance and works so well according to their sense and I dont find anything interesting about that part. The soundtrack is great to the small details. The characters besides Shouya and Shouko who are the main centers in this movie did have support characters besides that. There is Yuzuru who acts as Nishimiyas younger sister has a lot of detail and development and is quite strong. Even though I havent read the manga which I hear that there isnt much mentioned in the manga especially in this aspect the other characters work very well. Ueno who acts as Shouyas childhood friend also has flashback and development because of the problem itself which there are so many weeaboos who really love her thighs. Nagatsuka who also filled the comedy a little was one of the most encouraging characters in the main way he helped in choosing a decision and presented a significant role in terms of comedy and humor. Other characters also work very well but there are indeed so many that are not too to consider other than the two main characters. You know this is one of the anime such as Kimi no Na wa. There are so many casual viewers who like this movie both who are anime fans and nonanime fans. Films like this deserve to be an Oscarworthy last year in the category of bestanimated features or at least best foreign language films. Yeah they also dont really care and dont put too much effort into being nominated for an Oscar but maybe at least I just want to see it once again or for the last time. I thought Spirited Away was able to achieve that but it was years after that or maybe I didnt know. This is one of the roller coasters and mustwatch whatever you like anime or moviegoers. Koe no Katachi is a mandatory spectacle besides Kimi no Na wa because this is one movie will beat your feelings. Honestly I prefer Koe no Katachi than Kimi no Na wa even though it only depends on each of the everybodys opinion. Kimi no Na wa is like a movie that combines different subplots outside of romance and Koe no Katachi is one of the most powerful of all. In certain aspects it does have unique impressions with each other. Both movies are also mandatory for everyone to watch. This is about a redemption for a person who wants to fix his past the things he has done and want to redeem it as soon as possible. This movie will bring you into a roller coaster that is very fast because I also dont feel how fast the two hours are. Koe no Katachi is very enjoyable by bringing its own impression.
95 /100
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