A Bottom Line Sagrada Reset is not the easiest watch. If a narrative that relies heavily on conversations between characters about philosophical topics does not interest you then let this one be. Why Not What Ironically though the things that will drive some away will hook others. The long debates the introspection and the stoicism were all aspects that intrigued me. The show is certainly confident in its production opting for no visual flare to make up for what is ostensibly people talking. Flow It doesnt hurt then that a production primarily about the power our words have cast actors that are capable of absorbing you into their speech. That is probably the most unique thing about Sagrada. The meshing of lines together and the fantastic music that is just intrusive enough makes scenes surprisingly smooth. Nothing Lasts However that smoothness comes at the cost of emotion on the characters part. Their subtleties not withstanding seldom do they make it past what would reasonably considered monotone. You eventually can pick out their mannerisms and this does punctuate some of the more dramatic interactions. But with 24 episodes of this Sargrada has a lot of lines to take in especially when nearly all of it demands your attention. To be frank there were times that I watched with the intention of it putting me to sleep. Illusive Still there was something more that I am having trouble conveying. When the music the voices and the story fuse into a compelling experience unlike what I am used to seeing despite the relative simplicity it becomes very hard to put down. As the tired cliche goes: Its something akin to a very good book. Which I suppose is fitting. Sagrada Reset is a potentially engrossing presentation. It is however equally a potential casualty of its proficiency that separates it from the norm. Give the first episode a shot and you will be able to tell whether or not this one is worth it.
65 /100
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