The refreshing new season of Noragami directly starts off where the prequel ended, continuing to follow the interactions and daily lives of the dynamic trio of Hiyori, Yukine, and Yato. As a new season unfolds, new characters, relationships, and secrets are introduced. Past questions and plot holes as seen in the previous season now have answers.
Yato’s infamous line of, “You, who desecrate this Land of the Rising Sun. With the advent, I [Yatogami], lay waste with the [Sekki] and expel thy vast defilement. Rend!” makes a comeback in this season still accompanied by the famous usual track of “Noratan”. However, this season’s OST lineup is far more captivating, emotional, and energetic. The diverse OST has songs ranging from classical, dubstep, electro house, and even rap. The songs are beautifully integrated throughout the series’ heightening moments of hype and grief. Altogether, the Noragami series is known for its OST and new catchy OP (Kyouran Hey Kids!! By THE ORAL C!GARETTES).
The new season begins to unravel with the introduction of the Bishamon arc. As seen in the prequel, Yato and Bishamon hold grudges dating back centuries, their resentment for one another remains unknown to the audience. However, this arc does a great job of slowly unraveling the history and past of the two Gods and their regalia. Flashbacks and dialogues are naturally integrated, making the story interesting yet easy to follow. Not only does this arc dissolve the bad blood between the God of War and God of Calamity, but it also strengthens the relationship between them. Through this arc, new understandings and relationships are formed between characters, furthering their trust, faith, and hope in one another.

Sound: Noragami's opening song 'Hey Kids' by 'THE ORAL CIGARETTES' is a BLAST! There's no way anyone can deny me with this point. While everyone may not agree with me, the ending song 'Nirvana' by 'Tia' is another great song and the visuals and the lyrics adds more to it. While Noragami 1st season's soundtracks were already good, there has been a great improvement in the soundtracks in the 2nd season. The number of soundtracks under different situations have been changed, increased in number, and has become more suited to it than before. The soundtracks played during battles, sad scenes, happy scenes etc. makes them even more interesting and fun to watch.

Characters: The male protagonist of the show, Yato, is my most favorite of all the characters. Not just from Noragami, but Yato has become one of my favorite character of all the anime and that's because of his cool attitude, wicked sense of humor and his seriousness when it is needed. Other characters like Bishamon, Kazuma, Yukine are also pretty likeable for their own unique personality. While most of you will disagree with me, I feel that Iki Hiyori is also an important character which adds some spice to the story. Due to her caring and loving nature, she is also pretty likable

Overall-Enjoyment daaaa:
Noragami was overall quite an enjoyable anime which certainly maintained me entertained throughout the whole series with the different aspects and mysteries presented. Expanding on the different character's past was a pleasant sight, although some were annoying, as well as underdeveloped, which was a drawback personally. The art style was nice to look at, as well as the catchy soundtrack. Although the different outcomes where somewhat predictable, in addition to some convenient plot twists which weren't convincing, I certainly could recommend Noragami for an entertaining time. Just don't expect impressive characters or stories.

91 /100
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