Nyanpasu! Are you ready to repeat the whole experience of relaxation in the countryside once more? I hope you are! Repeat is another seed planted on an already wonderful garden. And it's a sequel that has flourished into a daisy symbolizing the purity and innocence shared by Non Non Biyori.

Asahigaoka. It may just be a small village, but it knows what purity is all about. Like an aromatic wave of petrichor after the pitter patters of rain, the lingering sweetness marks the cycle of pleasant experiences bounded by freshness and positivity. Many new adventures are awaiting them as the sun celebrates the time to rise and shine! For these blooming flowers, Asahigaoka is their special home. The country life is full of rejuvenating activities, and these children continue to enjoy each other's company while living in that simplistic joy. They play with the elements found in nature, from exploring the floras to gazing at the bugs. And they also interact and form new memories with one another, speaking volumes to the young and carefree nature they all have. Together alongside the nonchalant comedies, these aspects are able to produce a lighthearted spirit. It's only packed into a small circle of friendship but the expressed friendliness emits out an aura that will make anyone smile brightly. To be able to feel this much warmth, it's not everyday that you'll experience such a purified emotion. So let's cherish it. March along the path laid out by these girls. There's a soothing oasis waiting to greet us when we reach the end of the trail!

Here we go! It's time to advance forward towards that refreshing sanctuary. Feel the freshness as we walk through the lush playground. With nature bringing a bountiful supply of life and love into the village, the entire place is decorated with a verdant beauty composed of hues chosen from a rainbow-colored spectrum. This palette paints a landscape with emotional attachments. And whether it takes place in the glassy daylight or the starry night-time, just embracing the pastoral setting is enough to cause many strong feelings. You can always feel the joy as you stand on Asahigaoka's ground. It's a reminder of all the harmonious and melodic qualities found in the outside world. Similar to the wafting wind that blows gently against our cheeks, the rhythmic music balances each scene together and reflects an image with soothing effects. It's no wonder why the girls of Asahigaoka can enjoy the rural environment. Their elation taking form with childlike personalities can be seen in the opening sequence, which serves as a great set up for the happy tranquility that follows on. All these genuine smiles are a bliss worth more than a thousand words. They are the treasured experiences. Not something to be forgotten through the four seasons, but something that will always live on as the days change and grow. After all, happiness is a paradise right?

In this rural idyll, Repeat has blossomed into a daisy with its white petals and yellow disc floret. It represents the purity enveloping a warmth brought upon by the wonderful memories of Non Non Biyori. And together alongside other daisies, it will forever continue to spread its relaxation around.

91 /100
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