Getter Robo is an incredibly old series. If youve been into anime for a while you definetly heard it get mentioned at least once as it was a pioneer of the idea of having a transforming and combining super robot in anime. A classic of the mecha genre hailing back from the 70s it stands with Mazinger as one of Go Nagais greatest contributions to the mecha genre. This is a remake of the series with an original story that is closer to the Getter Robo manga than it is to the anime and it incorporates the characters from the manga Getter Robo Go albeit with different backstories and personalities. Getter Robo Armageddon has a bit of a silly start. It namedrops so many conceptscharacters and events at the beginning that youll find yourself wondering if you need some previous knowledge to understand everything that just got mentioned. Thankfully everything namedropped gets explained in the series as it goes on but the amount of info dropped on you at the start is still way overwhelming. This may be attributed to the fact that the show had a change of directors after only the first few episodes were done. Other than that however the rest of Getter Robo is a superb experience. Getter Robo Armageddon might be the best transition of Go Nagais art style to animated form yet. The animation is incredibly crisp and perfectly captures the brutal battles Shin Getter finds itself in. Whenever Ryouma is at the helm of a Getter machine you can bet he will overkill absolutely anything that ticked him off and the mans got a very short temper. And you can absolutely bet that said overkill will be backed up by an amazing soundtrack of rock and roll. The sound effects also do an amazing job of complimenting the battles. Every crash sounds powerful and every cut just sounds vicious. Needless to say the OST does a superb job of complimenting the more emotional and sad scenes as well. The story itself is relatively simple at first but increases in scope as the series goes on and it holds up perfectly. The race to locate the Shin Dragon while constantly being taunted and ambushed by the enemy keeps a constant state of tension for the watcher. The level of hype that the final episodes produce is unprecedented as the scope of the final battle evolves from just saving the world to something much much bigger. The enemy itself is a creepy mass of dark tentacles and eyes called The Invaders that are capable of even absorbing others leading to a lot of icky scenes but also to a lot of creative fights and scenarios that the Getter and Getter Go team find themselves in. Fights are resolved both in and out of the mechs sometimes requiring the team to use old school weaponry instead of giant super robots where they are far more vulnerable as the Invaders can become gigantic at any time and can also invade other people. The general design and feel of these creatures and the things they are capable of doing remind of the John Carpenters The Thing. The characters that the story follows are a varied bunch that unites against the greater enemy. From Schwartz the American ace pilot that hates the japanese to Kei a cute tomboy army girl to Ryouma a man with a cool scarf who just cant stop screaming. There are 6 main characters and the Shin Getter requires 3 pilots leading to the pilots alternating and piloting other weaker units to provide support. Due to how OP the enemy is most fights without a Getter machine end with a large body count for the side of humanityleading to even more tension when the Getter machine is incapable of operating and helping the gang for whatever reason as the last thing you wanna do is lose these silly likeable characters. With all of that in mind I wish to finish this review by simply stating that Getter Robo Armageddon is an amazing entry in the Mecha genre and one of the best examples of Super Robot action. Definetly a recommended watch.
95 /100
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