Bright and sparkling pretty and appealing the title of New Game takes over the splash screen with wholesome invitations. Its time to press that start button. Theres a whole packet of cuteness and entertainment here ready to be loaded onto the screen. When I stepped in to the very first level I knew this anime would be right up my alley. Delight instantly overwhelmed the me who used to develop games as a hobby. So with my eagerness to relive the enjoyable side of game development surfacing once more a new stage begins on a fun greater than the amount of pixels on a HD display. Eagle Jump is the video game company in play here. While it works on a simple set of procedures and routines it manages to accomplish a friendly atmosphere devoid of any drama or tension. Having quirky adults who emit out an unbelievable amount of endearment is quite refreshing. Theres all these interactive characters who charmed their way up my likability list. A glimpse into their synergy goes to show the spectrum of entertainment is a wide one and each colorful enjoyment is one more bliss added to an already lovely cast. One day they work on the game other days are filled to the brim with silliness. Then theres the occasional maturity putting in some heartwarming softness among all the vibrant stuff. Both on a workplace and a more personal environment. It really mostly and simply is just a successful attempt at being fun. Thats it basically. The only thing that couldve been shown slightly further is the game developing process itself but I can say the way they presented it is nice enough. But whats even nicer is the art because one look at it and the term eye candy perfectly describes it. Like I said before its bright and sparkling pretty and appealing and is overall a vivid aesthetic that can entertain with many joys. Each element in the frame is beautifully polished. By making great use of subtle gradients and vibrant colors theyve introduced a wholesome air around the characters. And remember. These characters are adults designed with youth in mind. So to capture the childlike energy radiating out of them very emotive animation exhibits everything that is adorable. If by this point you still think Doga Kobo dont know how to please the audience well no they do know. Giving us those eye catchers and minor fan services is like a tasteful present. An extra something that adds more charm in a natural manner than to digress away. In addition the voice acting is a delight as much as delight can be. Its not only just the words that invite a fun tone. The vocal has portrayed a sweetness between the coworkers when they talk about all sorts of entertaining things. Such sweetness that is amplified even further by the friendly jingles playing in the background. And when you put jolly things together with other jolly things youll definitely get a jolly vibe. How I love to bask in that. New Game is a simple realization that friendliness and games can bring a lot of muchneeded joy and that its alright to indulge in it. Entertainment like this provides a medium where one can exactly seek such a thing. So by the time the first level this first season nears its end I know I can shut down with elation and a lot of grins.
90 /100
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