You might be wondering why I'm reviewing this anime. You might say that reviewing something like this might be completely pointless and that watching an anime such as this with the intention of reviewing it might suck the fun out of it.

You, dear reader, would be correct.

I will say that I was curious about this show ever since it was announced. But I should still stress that going in with even a bit of an analytical mind will probably ruin this show.

Now let's get to reviewing it.

This is a sentence title, literally translated to "I Want You To Make a Disgusted Face and Show Me Your Underwear." And there isn't a point to get into the background. That's the premise and it doesn't go any deeper than that. The anime has a second-person perspective (points for uniqueness, at least) where various women, as the title clearly spells out, are eventually talked into showing their undergarments while berating you, their faces twisted into grimaces.

It's pretty hot.

...and that's about it. It's ecchi, so nothing explicit is ever shown. Panties are the height of the show and if you're lucky, you might see a garter belt and/or stockings. I don't really like how in all the vignettes, the viewer is in a position of power (either permanent of temporary) and uses it to make someone who was kind towards us show us their panties. But hey, it's not my fetish and the show didn't convert me. That's fine. I'm sure this show is absolutely amazing to the people that get their rocks off to this sort of thing.

For the rest of us, there's not much that this show has to offer. The episodes are each around four minutes long, so we have enough time to know who the women is, make our request, then see her panties as she sneers at us. Since the episodes don't tie into one another, there's not much to take away and the episodes are too short to care about anything. Four minutes forces the show into a sort of sour spot for me. It's too short for any proper buildup and it's so short that the buildup that _is_ there just comes across as a waste of time. Paradoxically, the run time combined with the small number of episodes prove to be the saving grace of the show. If the show was longer and was of the same quality, I'd have no qualms about calling this show bad. But as is, it's completely inoffensive. Sure, there are better things to watch, but at ~30 minutes to watch the entire thing, your day isn't ruined if you hated it.

Chances are you didn't, though. You saw the title, you saw the image. You knew exactly what you were getting into, and if you didn't enjoy it, you probably thought it was decent enough.

The character design was great and I felt the music disappearing when the women become disgusted was a nice touch.


60 /100
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