Fuck it. After this review Im gonna give this series the Tsukihime treatment. Tsukihime treatment: Pretending that something doesnt exist because it doesnt deserve acknowledgment. Spoilers for Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito Final Itoshiki Monotachi e You know what was I expecting? Really. What did I expect would happen. This entire series has been an absolute joke unworthy of bearing the name Code Geass and people have been saying that this film was the worst of them all so what was I to expect? Well the last two films were enjoyable in comparison to the first two despite people calling them terrible in comparison to the first two so maybe I couldve been able to see this as somewhat misunderstood. Then again this is Akito the Exiled I think the concept of redemption and good writing is impossible for it to grasp. Now Im not gonna pretend the main series was perfect far from it but even R2 which already had its fair share of bafflingly stupid and convoluted moments looks like a masterpiece compared to this atrocity and its predecessors. Even then I thought film 2 was bad. No...film 2 is actually passable compared to this pigshit of an installment. Now what went so wrong here as to make me want to surgically remove this and by extension the entire Akito series from the body of the Code Geass franchise? Well lets find out shall we? Picking up right where we left off except we jump a week because apparently no one took action in a week. After Ashley fails to convince Jean to join him she suddenly has doubts about her goal of helping Shin. Then we launch into a fullblown siege. Its after the EuroBritannians make it in that we get an infinite amount of problems. The directing is so bad that we usually dont even get to see where those grappling cable latches hang on to. Also when Ayane corners Jean and has a laughable scene of trying to convince and then hug her Jean suddenly thinks shes the one with power in the situation. Then we begin the final battle between Akito and Shin after Shin has knocked back Ashley and Ryou. Where was Yukiya? In recovery before going to his new unit and taking down a big cannon on that explodes and land on him before doing so yet he still survives but well get back to that. The second half is where things turn from bad to utter bullshit. During the battle of brothers we see them teleport but still be there probably thanks to Leilas bullshit geass and its at this point where we get a LITERAL DEUS EX MACHINA Right after the entire command center sans Leila is riddled with bullet holes we see this geassrelated collective entity again in her beautiful glory as she basically doesnt explain jack to Leila that is relevant aside from the fact that she still has a fragment of geass since I guess children cant be able to have full geasses not unless youre Mao from Code Geass R1 but this series has done enough damage to the main one but somehow reverses time long enough for Leila to completely rethink the situation to avoid her crew dying despite the fact that its the same amount of time she has earlier and she never thought of anything at the moment. I guess Leilas geass allows her to see a vision of her parents conversing with her without knowing its her and I guess she can see and project other peoples memories but none of this is explained well at all and we never get a definitive effect if the geass she has albeit it seemingly does multiple things despite a geass being able to have only ONE POWER like controlling forcing one to kill etc. and somehow this allowed everyone in the main group to make cheesy speeches about helping Akito and telling Shin not to kill him no matter how far away they are. Time for the final act and the final nail in the coffin. We see Shins and Akitos sorry excuses for backstory. Apparently Akito was born from a different father and when Shin walked in he not only deduced who the real father is in an instant despite the father looking nothing like the son whatsoever not even hair color but also became nihilistic due to that to the point of feeling betrayed by his mother and receiving a Geass that makes people kill themselves except Akito because fuck logic right?. About that being who is what is it? Its fully established that you need a living being that has code in order for him/her to be able to give a geass to someone not this abstract skull thing that just appeared into this works because whatever. Then he kills his whole family because Jennie values death but never takes his own life for some reason and wants to set them free from this awful world. As you can see his backstory is edgefilled and stupid as hell. Also he devolves into a madman and now both of them can see ghosts and visions of living veins shouting for Akito not to die none of this makes any sense and none of this is explained and then Jean appears right outta nowhere to kill Shin and take the fatal sword blow for Akito because she had minor conflict and was convinced with just a simple hug. Also yeah every good guy is alive even when they shouldnt be like Yukiya. Also remember the plot point about Smilas trying to become a dictator? Well this movie forgot about it until the end credits where he and everyone are quickly killed by Ashley because tying up plot points in a pathetic and clumsy way since we forgot to address this big plot point during the edit the film is what Akito is best at. Speaking of Lelouch and Suzaku are told by Rolo in a postcredits scene mind you that daddy Charles wants to see them. This doesnt even resolve this dangling thread that jeopardizes R2s existence. Its all just left to dry in the hot sunny day Development doesnt even matter anymore nothing can save these characters from being dogshit. Lets start with Leila. Her geass is horribly defined and nothing but contrivances and deus ex machinas for the sake of the abomination called a plot and its thanks to this supervisor whose appearance and existence makes no sense in the context of the franchise. Plus shes a lot happier this time around for some reason. Ayano Ryou and Yukiya also remain the same and so does Ashley. The biggest problem lies with Shin. I already mentioned how retarded his backstory is but theres the rest of how hes written which still made him a generic not valuing life antagonist. Theres really nothing to him but wasted potential for an interesting villain. Jean has a pathetically realized excuse for conflict and resolution Suzaku goes out of character to choke Lelouch for no reason and were left with a pathetic cast of underutilized and underdeveloped twits that couldve been actually interesting and properly written. Oh yeah and General Smilas is here too. Say hi before he dies because you only see him and his goons for all of 10 seconds in the end credits before they get destroyed. Not gonna mention anyone else either theyre not memorable and suffer from the same problems as Leila: no one was fleshed out or ever written to be compelling beforehand so theyre left to rot here. Somehow the CGI is more poorly integrated than before and there are moments where the CGI blatantly dips in quality and integration like when Ashley disposes of Smilas. The directing here is at its worst with awful and unnecessary shaky cam and some awful shot composition here and there. The character art and animation are both as good as the previous two films though so thats a plus there I gave this shitty movie a compliment happy now?. We also get a sortof sword fight between Shin and Akito sortof since its onesided and Akito doesnt even do much fighting after the first 30 seconds of swordplay and some decently done death scenes of Jean and Shin in terms of look and direction not content but overall the last two looked better than this film. The only new addition to the mediocre Akito music library this time is the mediocre ED and its as boring as the other ones. Remember that Illfitting blaring trumpet piece? Well here they play it in the most illfitting battle of the bunch. That piece is for chaotic moments which doesnt really occur here. I really have nothing left to say. This movie doesnt even add new background OSTs to the mix like the previous two did which also emphasizes how much worse the production of this one was in comparison to the last one and this is supposed to be the final hurrah of the subseries Bah I genuinely wish this subseries didnt exist or at least that is was written to actually respect the logic of the franchise and not ruin itself or fail its characters. This final film really makes the other Akito movies look decent by comparison. Im done with Akito the Exiled and Ill probably never see this subseries again. In fact why am I even raging? This thing doesnt even exist. None of these films exist and if they did they wouldnt have a right to bear the name of the franchise. I dont even know what Im doing here ranting on a nonexistent product. Am I a madman? Clearly Fuck this Im out
17 /100
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