Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion is an incredible anime that unfortunately did not have as much notoriety as it should have. The anime tells of the Mongol invasion on Tsushima Island Japan. Some exiles arrive at the island as prisoners and are ordered by the Suo clan to defend Tsushima from the Mongol invasion if it were to happen. Kuchii Jinzaborou the protagonist is a great samurai a practitioner of the Gekei style who was exiled from the Shogunate. He decides to fight for Tsushima after fighting a small Mongolian group where the island princess said he did not want to lose anyone else. Art: The art is very unique and although strange at first after a few episodes gets used to it. Particularly I found it beautiful only thing that bothered me is a filter that they used. The art is also reminiscent of Drifters. Animation: The animation although not one of the best is very good. There are few static scenes and whenever you need it its very lively. I thought that there was a little more expression in the characters in some cases to pass more emotion but nothing serious. History and characters: The story is very cool and has developed well. They managed to pass the battle of tsushima very well without hurrying. The characters at the beginning do not draw much attention. The exiles are a jerk and the others are nothing special. But in developing the story one gains empathy for each one of them. Op and End: The opening and ending are wonderful. Both his art and music have a good vibe. Insert Songs: The insert songs are very good too. They managed to get through the excitement they should. Staff: The staff although a part of the beginner did a great job. I will certainly accompany our future work. My final thoughts: the anime caught me from start to end and did not disappoint me at any time. A fine art good history good animation very good ost. I think its difficult to have a continuation but Ill be hoping for a second season. I highly recommend this anime and heart desire that everyone likes. I loved this anime. 9/10. 220 Im not fluent in English so Im sorry for any mistake. I dont know what to write anymore aaaaaa
90 /100
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