Im the kind of guy who prefers to watch the sequel first and then go back to see the prequel. The prequel was interesting but boring to me the opening and premise of this installment is much better The opening captures the chaos and effort needed to make wake up girls a more popular idol group.The whole point of this season is for the wake up girls to be recognized outside of the prefecture.So their president of their label is making decisions to do just that but the girls still got a lot of room for improvement The girls also have to complete with their rival group and their stellar progression. Theres a couple of different things going on One is the focus on the fans of wake up girls trying to become their background dancers.Another focus for the group is defining their brand and being the type of idols they always wanted to be.The girls try various things out to improve their image and further their popularity. Which leads to a lot of episodes of two or three girls trying to overcome their weakness like doing solo work being funny or acting as a character to name a few examples.I cant forget to mention this is also the girls first time living with each other and learning how to adapt to each others schedules. The title really fits the theme the next chapter. The anime tries to set the tone how idols have to compete with virtual idols and how each group has to step up because theres a decline in demands for idols.Im new to the idol genre so it was refreshing to see established idols have to work hard just to adjust to the changes in the industry. A group of wake up girl fans want to do everything they possibly can to help them stay on top and increase their sales.Problem is due to the presidents ambitions and attitude the girls are in for a ride unlike anything they ever been through.Which is a total 180 compared to the very first installment. The girls have to step outside their comfort zones and plan strategic ways to stand out than the other idol groups.The president launched a crazy big plan at the end of the first episode but for her plan to work it requires the girls to increase their popularity and sales of the merchandise and tickets.
78 /100
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