Plus Ultra, the Latin phrase we've come to love ever since the epic final showdown on the first season of Boku no Hero Academia. Meaning to go further beyond, it encapsulates the very definition of what Season 3 is all about.

How far can the society of Heroes vs Villains run for without causing major destruction? What does it take to ensure protection, stability, and peace among a changing world full of Quirks? The story wrestles these questions solidly and seeks just how much can heroism triumph against those who wants to crumble society. Upon the villains' ambush, justice treads over a dangerous tightrope. When more menacing personalities and powers arrive on the doorstep, the suspenseful atmosphere becomes a trigger that sends out a wave of harsh realities towards both students and pro heroes alike. This has now turned into a stage to protect. As new insights are revealed within the evolving villainy allegiances, characters step outside of their comfort zone to battle against destruction. Emotions whirl around, strategies and moves are formed to ensure the best way out, and heroic resolutions truly shine to guard society from the flames. All these mayhems not only add to just be bursting with tense goosebumps or powerful excitements, there's also the influential message of the symbolical justice passing down onto the next generation. Ultimately, they're the next ones who have to fight. And to transition with this succeeding group of heroes, additional focus is given to more hero schools out there. A showcase of developmental progresses and relationships are shown within the students of Class 1A as they face against other students. Their growth ever since the beginning feels very tangible now and it's this aspect that answers why they are deserving to become society's future heroes. They will continue to go further beyond.

Following up after a great production during the second season, this season carries on with nuclear excitement. Shockwaves after shockwaves of intensity are sent through the audiovisual works produced by Bones. With their maintained consistency, the enjoyment hardly ever stagnated, leaving a solid set of episodes behind. And the proofs are found right on the battlefield. Among the powers of Quirks lie a combat zone full of the smokes and ashes caused by destruction. The animation takes precedent when it comes to focus over a wide array of moves. Not only does this help to give all sorts of lively forms, it also gives them motion on a heightened level. Seeing the characters move about a dynamic battlefield with energies and dangers everywhere enliven the action. This is further reinforced by other visual techniques such as camera shakes and character expressions, particularly the ones evoked by the villains. Their expressions are the embodiment of society's crumblers, the ones who threaten the heroes with heavy influence. In a way, it does give this season more of an emotional weight compared to previous seasons. Facing off against their foes, those they have to beat, will definitely raise the stakes. It's during these times where the voice actors express their skillful talents. They've accomplished a way to tell a powerful story, eliciting a sense of raging strength to never give up. And it doesn't just stop there. All the potent feelings didn't just come from the character's voice. Because in the background, bolstering soundtracks boost this season off with a hype that goes further beyond the horizon.

Season 3 of Boku no Hero Academia is a strength that maximizes what it's like to have a heroic identity. To watch them pit against many tough threats and situations, there's really no other reason than a straightforward one as to why I kept on watching them. It's simple. They are also my heroes.

88 /100
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