Finally, this was a conclusion for the alpha timeline for the TV series. “Steins;Gate” is one of the time-travel anime which brings up many theories because the story is so complex while on the other hand, will the movie be like the TV series? Actually, it’s not but the concept used in this movie isn’t just focusing on Okarin, which is the main focus in handling a decision he wants to choose or sacrifice. In this case, it’s time to another Kurisu Makise who becomes the main major in this anime in preserving Rintarou Okabe’s who is experiencing deja vu and missing on any timeline. I think this would be a story where they just have thrown away without the development of the TV series before where there are so many TV series with the sequel to the movie that is just in the gimmicks and fanservice forms without any clear reason. But, besides this movie retelling the impact of Okabe itself, it’s going to be another disaster again but not like that. Well, “Load Region of Déjà Vu” actually invites a huge anticipation at the time in the theater.

While there are no other things besides time-travel and deja vu, the movie isn’t like the series. The movie focuses mostly on Okabe itself and reveals more clearly Rintarou Okabe’s memories which at the beginning of the series felt vaguely finally, we can see it. Even though the trauma that he repeatedly seeing his childhood friend die and sacrifice the person he loves most, he deserves it much and wins in dealing with dilemmas both inside and outside. In addition, Kurisu Makise has a purpose to bring back Okabe’s lost presence in various timelines and find ways to get him and meet again. Although Kurisu I think is the best girl in this series, Mayuri with her catchphrase “tuturu” voiced by Kana Hanazawa was still something you wanna hear every day. In the series, Kurisu is portrayed with a trope or mainstream cliche which is the same as other anime. She is “tsundere” regardless, maybe only to fill it. But, the movie is so different. She put lots of emotions at high-stakes into the main center of the film and in the end, she felt what Okabe felt before. On the other hand, Kurisu is also difficult to say as one of the “tsundere” characters because there are various reasons that separate it. She acted shy and introvert to herself that she didn’t mean from the place but she was just human being with her flaw, made her able to handle and think about things, especially science.

Although Kurisu Makise became a major character in this anime, the other supporting cast feels like forgotten but I don’t think I came out with disappointment. Rintarou Okabe, on the other hand, is still a stand-alone character on a different timeline. He is the one who can handle it himself and handle to get Kurisu saved. The farewell between the two of them at the end of the anime which I mean the TV series is one of the most emotional, at least I thought, and one of the scenes scrambled your heart because you feel it such ways. The movie is also like that because there is one segment in the form of a powerful departure, although not the best in this film. In this movie, everything will remain including the beginning of the movie featuring a few fanservice and other cute moments from one of the most waifuable characters.

The ending, even though I’m not too concerned about, is not quite fulfilled like movies in general. It’s like, something still gets stuck so you just like it: is that it? Compared to the TV series as I said, it’s so different compared with this movie. Besides, I didn’t find some flaws from this movie apart from the supporting cast may not be too focused while other than that, nothing feels forced. The opening theme song is one that I don’t really think of from Kanako Ito except “Hacking to the gate” is the one I like the most, not too overrated. It’s an add-on to the atmosphere at the soundtrack like the sound of the piano with music which feels like something gloomy so the atmosphere is truly obvious. While Kurisu Makise is a major character in this film, we have to give a shout out to Asami Imai who really shows something more in this film.

The pace wasn’t too slow unless, at the beginning of the movie, it starts to feel a bit long to get into the main conflict of the story while the TV series really needs a high focus in order to get the plot. The first half of the anime might be a little slow but you’re so curious about the next episodes. Just like I watch “Monster” because every episode always gives a little twist at the end so I’m always curious about the story. Even though this is also a movie, actually I expect more with the high-quality artwork of an anime movie. But, it’s just the same with saturation and a rather gloomy and dark color choice like the TV series. I’m not really expecting it because it’s better that they stick with it instead of changing the style artwork or changing the studios. Yeah, it sounds like I’m being sarcastic.

“Load Region of Déjà Vu” is the conclusions of TV series from one of the best anime I’ve ever watched but can’t say good or bad. It’s a masterpiece that closed the story of this series. Kurisu Makise, who is the major character in this anime, shows how well her role can be, that she can be one of the strongest characters besides not just Okabe. Apart from the endless build-up and other supporting casts that didn’t focus much, this movie is about the true relationship from these two mad scientists: Kyouma Hououin and Christina. Even though what I expect is like high-quality anime movies, White Fox still keeps their style of the anime itself rather than ruining or changing it. Still, this is one of the best conclusion that closes the entire series together with “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya” which I think is one that blows my mind and the most ambiguous. Guess what? Nobody knows how the two movies ended.

95 /100
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