Kono-Suba starts with story of Kazuma the shut in neet after death he reincarnates to a ''RPG'' world while taking selfish,useless goddes Aqua with him. I'll touch that ''RPG'' later. In this new world he is told to defeat Demon King. While trying to achive this he gathers even weirder party masochist crusader Darkness and one shot glass canon Megumin. But the twist is this world is not exactly a RPG its more real than any other RPG there is ecosystem so you can't grind you have to survive so you need stable income. So instead of epic fights we get something even better. We watch our idiots struggling in life with all clearity we see them getting on eachothers nerves,getting selfish,drowning in debt,doing everything to earn a single piece of coin.

Each character is more helpless then other one,even villains. They are that kind of people who you wouldn't want to meet but somehow you start to love them with all of their flaws. Maybe because you saw all sides of them? Even if they are generaly horrible human beings at the end they care for eachother. This is best cast for a comedy in my opinion more you feel closer to characters more funny it becomes.

Art style:
Art style is also very fun to watch. Everything is so colorfull,so alive and its always shifting last part kinda reminds of old cartoons. Characters are likely to get out of their molds animators kinda let go of their creativity and its so fun to watch.

Voice acting:
I especially want to talk about this. Each on of actors is another sugar cube. It seems like they love what they are doing and passionate about it even some jokes came up because of their improvisation. My favorites are Megumin's actor Rie Takahashi and Kazuma's actor Jun Fukushima. Just these actors' energy is enough to love this show. Fukushima wears same thing Kazuma wears and even this is enough to make me smile.

In my opinion Kono-Suba is perfect in every way. Jokes gets sexual very often what can you say anything else than ''its an anime''(Don't kill me because of this I know there is innocent animes).My suggestion is just relax and let these idiots show you how not to live in a RPG world.

100 /100
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