Do you believe in boobs or ass? Whatever you believe it, we’ll never be separated without a “thicc” being one of the main parts of what a perfect ecchi character is plus a little lewdness might overdo it. “Prison School” isn’t one of my guilty pleasure because I think this isn’t an ordinary spectacle but it’s very interesting especially for those of you who really know very well or like the concept about ecchi. Almost all of them are focused at a certain point where no matter what genre it’s for sure there would be a trope which appears in each character and one of the genres that are most in demand by the community, especially men and women for the most part, not just harem but ecchi. In any concept, “Prison School” only introduced from one dimension but by introducing a very interesting plotline, twist scenes, unusual comedy, and a very supportive voice actors, “Prison School” isn’t wrong a spectacle that you wanna recommend for everyone but just for your certain friends who just wanna enjoy the aspects of it. Of course, not only because of the ecchi but how this anime introduces in such an absurd way.

It’s a kind of story which seems a bit taboo and intentionally to make interest to the audience who just wanna find some fanservice. Simple, it’s about five boys who become fugitives when the school they enter is all filled by female students and for the first time, a registration is opened for men. Although the case is not like “Girls of the Wild’s” where the main character surrounded by many harems but is clad in a stunning romance and action genre, the school they enter isn’t like which. They became fugitives because they were trapped by the Underground Student Council who was in control by trapping them to be able to be a peeping tom in the women’s bathroom. Therefore, they must be sent to a small prison in the school. Starting from having to obey the student council, they’ve to find a way to escape from prison. While is not a kind of story about Andy Dufresne from “The Shawshank Redemption,” the trio from “O Brother, Where Art Thou?,” or Virgil Hilts with Roger Bartlett from “The Great Escape,” I think this is more than just a story about escape from prison together by trapping them slowly, but what I like from this anime is not only how they can tell a story about an escape plan but its a process which we keep watching it. They trying to get past the barrier but to an extent possible so that it doesn’t look like a hentai, or whether you watch it on a TV filled with blur or watch the Blu-ray without anything covered it.

Besides, the jokes which shown in this anime are indeed a cliche matter or whatever but they don’t try to hold it back such as other ecchi anime which almost of them trying to cover up what’s in on the screen yet “Prison School” is indifferent. The humor contains like a type of misunderstanding for being gay but is carried out by running gag ways, an S&M hardcore, and masochism, big boobs, lewdness, asses, the prison jokes, anything. It seems, the humor they brought in this anime wasn’t just circling in there but an adult humor wrapped in a way that is so interesting, so funny, and no one tries to hold them back so you forgot what the actual plot, the background characters, and all the important things you wanna see from just a different perspective but you ignored it thanks to the humor and ecchi elements. The character’s traits are very exaggerated both the protagonist and the antagonist. There is Kiyoshi Fujino as the energetic one who is most relied upon along with Takehito Morokuzu as his misunderstanding bromance gay who really loves things related to the three kingdoms, Reiji Andou with his masochist-like fetish, Jouji Nezu as the mysterious man who really loves ants, and Shingo Wakamoto as the American tropes. Of these five characters, we know so well pervert they are, whether they are trying to hide their innermost side, but we really know that.

The artwork isn’t like some anime which has been worked on by J.C.Staff but is more like realistic art style with deliberately exaggerated ecchi elements. But, the part they design all of the characters, the background, and anything is more like a fresh art style especially the expressions of the characters are so genuine which such as a hilarious gold one and one of the best that supports the comedy. Meanwhile, the voices actors are also in place and maximizing their performance, especially Hiroshi Kamiya, which I’ve often seen in various anime, never get rid of its own trademark, how it always speaks quickly. The same for Koyomi Araragi from “Monogatari” series but the character still has a feeling that he needs to take care of while in Kiyoshi’s case is one of the best performances I’ve ever seen especially I know whether the other seiyuu try to hold back a laugh when Kiyoshi explains a philosophy about boobs and ass. Katsuyuki Konishi as Gakuto also gives his best and most phenomenal performance and even compensates for Hiroshi Kamiya, as well as other voice actors and Kana Hanazawa as Hana is, again, always amazing me not only with those characters but she can change her personality. The opening and ending theme song is decent but pretty good.

While at the moment I’m still read the manga after the anime, the standalone OVA episode is the one that doesn’t really follow the manga while the manga continues what has been in the anime. The voice actors who almost all spoke fast such as in “Occultic;Nine” and “Monogatari,” I just finished it in one sitting so I wasn’t too aware. The manga is even better, for now, which many people consider the manga was the worse because of the drop-down humor and the ending, especially in terms of development characters where I haven’t really known Mari Kurihara and her friends where I thought these trios are just antagonists without any clear background about it. Besides, we don’t really need whatsoever about the background of all main characters but by just looking at their characteristics each of them, we know a lot about their basic. In a nutshell, the fast pace means a lot about this anime but it doesn’t ruin all aspects of this anime.

“Prison School” is like an anime which combines an ecchi genre that transcends a boundary, a way of carrying its adult humor, and combined in a weird way yet so interesting. There is more than a lot of humor and unusual cliches in every scene and episode which doesn’t make why especially men really like this anime. The voice actors that they carry out are such as the best performance in each of everybody who participates in it supported by the exaggerated art style yet looks fresh along with the genuine expressions they take it out. Regardless it isn’t one of the spectacles that everyone might take, “Prison School” seems to be one of the anime that transcends its boundaries while the English dub is highly criticized by many people including the script they change and the voice acting. So, I may be recommended to check the Japanese dub version.

86 /100
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